vegetable oddities

These are the photos of the homegrown carrots I wrote about last Saturday.

The orange,

The yellow,

The white.

Here are my three carrots next to a normal supermarket carrot.

You can clearly see that peeling these oddities would have been close to impossible and once I trimmed off most of the curly growth, there really wasn't enough carrot left to make any use of.


  1. They are truly and horribly grotesque, possibly from outer space.

  2. Hi River,

    They look like grubs that will mutate into large grotesque insects. And I'm scared of them...




  3. I'm pretty sure I've seen the white one and the yellow one bursting out of people's bodies on Fringe.

  4. Your carrots made me chuckle. They are (or were) actually very cute. But I wouldn't have recognized them as carrots if you hadn't told us ;-)

  5. The orange and the white ones particularly look like lavae. V creepy indeed. Glad that blogger let you show us though.

  6. I'm not sure you can legally call those carrots can you? I mean, they certainly wouldn't be eligible for the Royal Easter Show vegetable prize? Makes you wonder what they do to those store-bought carrots doesn't it? I also wonder what variety of worms you have in your garden! x
    PS: Sorry for overuse of exclamation marks - blame the carrots.

  7. While they look a little like the baby root thing from Pan's Labyrinth, I think that the mutant carrots need love too :-)

  8. There's GOT to be a special show category for odd-shaped vegetables!! You're sure to get a prize!!!

    Perhaps try scrubbing them with an old toothbrush?

  9. How perfectly those would have illustrated Highriser's last post about male body parts.

  10. And frankly they look like super bugs...EW!

  11. I love all the comments so far, very funny and all totally appropriate to the subject matter - what weird looking vegetables indeed!

  12. Just imagine if they came alive and started attacking people you could make a horror/sci-fi movie called The Attack of the Mutant Carrots :-).

  13. Andrew; alien carrots..

    Plasman; the yellow one looks like a deformed lawn beetle grub.

    no-one; really? I'm going to have to watch those episodes again.

    Carolina; cute mutants.

    EC; I think the yellow one looks more like larvae, the others have too many roots.

    Multiplemum; legally? Yes. They are carrots, just deformed due to transplanting too late and too firmly packed soil. Carrots need open soil, not tightly packed, to be able to grow straight and long.

    Marie; I've never seen Pan's Labyrinth..

    Devi; grown and now tossed away....

    Red Nomad; Wonder if I'd get a prize just for the photos? I scrubbed, but couldn't get them clean enough.

    JahTeh; ha ha!! Now I wish I still had the photo I took of a carrot I grew years ago in another yard. That one had three definite "legs", two long, a shorter one in between, my kids took it to school to show off.

    Jennifer Kay; They don't look like something you'd want to eat.

    Kath; no, just regular deformed mutants.

    gaby; they're all making me laugh, that's for sure!

    Windsmoke; Horror/Sci-Fi? Why didn't I think of that? I could have set that up with dolls and sauce "blood". Instead I chopped and tossed away.

  14. Have you recently manured the soil? Carrots will fork like that if the soil is too hot.

  15. Kim; not manured, but the carrots were in the same tub as some capsicums and got a mild dose of seasol a couple of times. It's possible the soil was too hot because it's in a plastic tub? I'll try a different method next time.

  16. they are just weird!!!

  17. Haha. I LOVE this. Your poor ugly carrots.


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