plans? pfft!

I've had a five day break.

I'd made plans.

Sweep the dust off the walls.
Vacuum the carpet.
Hop on a bus and take beach photos.

Did I do any of those things?

Heck no!

What I did was:

Figure out how to schedule new posts.
Yay me!!
Catch up on some blogs I haven't been to for a while.
Finish reading my current novel.
Spent hours and hours and hours sorting my photo files.
Putting a gazillion photos into folders by category in the dated folders.

Hopefully this will make it easier for me to now find the photos I need for any particular post.

Oh, I did catch a bus...
to my daughter's house and had a lovely family Easter lunch.


  1. What you did, as opposed to what you planned sounds both pleasant and rewarding.

  2. It wasn't a complete loss altogether was it :-).

  3. EC; plans are made to be broken. Besides, vacuuming sucks.

    Windsmoke; it was a much better weekend.

  4. If rules are made to be broken, then plans are made to be changed. I bet you are going to be so glad you spent the time sorting and archiving the photos, even though at the time it was a slog - no pain, no gain. :-)

  5. And all the dust will still be there life today!

  6. Ah the best laid plans and all . . sounds like you achieved something even if your walls are dusty. I'm in the process of uploading 1000 pics to Flickr with 1.5mb upload . . yikes, it'll take me days.

  7. Marie; I am glad I did the photos, but they're nowhere near finished. There are photos and copies of photos and copies of the copies all in different folders. I need to delete the's such a mess.

    Jennifer Kay; some of the dust is actually about 5 years old, I should probably throw it a birthday party.

    Baino; 1000 pics? best get started...


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