I was tearing my hair out

I was panicking.


Calm, serene, laid-back me.


Frenziedly going through every room.
Upending every handbag onto the bed.
Rifling through drawers.
Searching every jacket pocket.

I knew it had been in my mini backpack.
But now it wasn't.

I couldn't find it anywhere.

My camera.


Half-heartedly I phoned the chemist, the post office, I'd been there yesterday.
But I knew that if I'd left my camera on a seat anywhere in the mall, I'd lost it forever.
Anyone picking up a perfectly good camera equipped with a 2GB memory card and new lithium batteries, wasn't likely to hand it in.
It happens.

I phoned Coles, where I work.
"Hi ------, it's me,
Has anyone handed in a camera?"

"Yes there is a camera here, can you describe yours?"
"Canon powershot A460; silver with a blue streak"

Hallelujah!! It was my camera!!

I'd left it on the shelf next to the lockers in our locker room upstairs and my supervisor had found it.
Mentally smacking myself, I put my shoes on and hurried to Coles as fast as my little legs would go.

Oh, the relief!
My precious little Canon is once more right beside me.


  1. OH thank goodness you got it back! I would HATE to lose my camera.

  2. I know that stomach lurching panic well. So pleased the camera was found.

  3. Toni; the panic and relief have resulted in a major headache, but I'm never letting it out of my sight again.

    Elephant's Child; I'm so glad I stupidly left it at work, not on some random mall seat.

  4. I too know that horrible feeling when your chest tightens and your knees go weak the instant you realise. How great that it was somewhere safe.

  5. Thank goodness you have it back!
    That stomach churning panic is awful, don't put it down again ;)

  6. Hi River,

    Our camera was stolen in Iceland - I was gutted!

    Glad you found yours.




  7. You were very lucky indeed as you said it could have been lost forever. You should go out and buy a tattslotto ticket just to see if your luck is still holding you never know :-).

  8. Marie; I remember putting it on that shelf at work, but I thought I'd put it back in my bag before going off home. There's so much junk on the shelf that others just leave there forever....

    Jayne; I'm keeping it within hand's reach forever.

    Plasman; I remember reading about your stolen camera, that's even worse than losing it!

    Windsmoke; A lotto ticket is a great idea.

  9. oh goodness.........so glad you found it again!!!!

  10. Oh I know that feeling....

    The other week Sapph, Milly and I had gone for our early morning jog and got home to realise that I'd dropped the keys somewhere along the oval (which is around 700m in diameter; it's HUGE). I felt sick because I only have one bunch of keys and it's for the car and the house.

    I decided to stay calm and remember exactly where I'd unclipped Milly as perhaps the jiggle of her lead disguised the jingle of my keys hitting the grass. BINGO! Right on the spot. Such a huge relief!

  11. peskypixies; the relief I felt was enormous.

    Kath; so glad you found your keys quickly. Make a spare set immediately. I have a spare set, my daughter keeps them for me.

    R.H. it's a great little camera, why would you pawn it? In dollar terms it isn't worth all that much.

  12. What a nightmare - glad you found it River. I love my Canon camera too.


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