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Jodie has posted about taking her boys to the library.

Now, I love libraries.

Miles of books, tables and chairs for sitting and reading.
Hours spent browsing the shelves.
Finding old favourites, discovering new stories and authors.

Selecting a few to carry home to be enjoyed while having a lazy morning, or while relaxing on the lawn chair after finishing the work of the day.

The part I don't like?

Having to return the books.


  1. I love libraries. And I'm so glad there's one right near my work. Having to walk past it everyday has broken my unfortunate habit of running up huge library fees.

  2. I'm a convert to libraries since I moved here. In Adelaide I never went to them at all, but then I had an income that allowed me to indulge in my hopeless book fetish and friends who owned a bookshop.

    But now I'm a true believer and I think I've broadened my reading, as I can try a lot of different writers for free. The librarians and I are good friends now. They know I'm an avid reader and I can often suggest good English books they can get. It's my weekly treat to swap my books, browse the magazines and have a coffee with friends all under the one roof.

  3. Joining the library is one of the first things I do when I move. And I never ever regret it. Wonderful places. Though I do wonder about some people - the librarian at one of the libraries I frequented told me she had once found a fried egg in a book - like a book mark. Urk. Double urk.

  4. YES! Sapphire and I go to our local library but not as often as we'd like - however it's always ME that has to return the books. She's either too busy or doesn't want to go for that walk or has other things to do.

    I tend to find that I read the magazines as she's in the shelves browsing as I have a small stack of unread books still waiting for me at home.

  5. I love a library but I love books better which is why my pension goes on every shiny one I can't afford.

  6. no-one; I remember the fines....

    Marie; I use libraries when I'm reading new authors; if I don't like the book I haven't wasted money buying it. If I find a new author that I really love, I'll buy the book if I know it's one I'm going to re-read often.

    Elephant's Child; I've had library cards from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and from 5 libraries here in Adelaide.

    Kath; I read the magazines there too, if I find pictures that I'd like to add to my dream house file, I'll borrow it then photocopy at home.
    Sapphire should return her own books. It's a responsibility all kids need. (and I know you knew that...)

    JahTeh; I buy too many books when I can't afford them too. Then I'll go to the library for a few years instead when my bank account starts crying.


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