The Wedding

Well, five minutes of it.

To me, it's just another wedding.
Sure, William is a royal grandson, Diana's oldest boy, and the whole world did go ga-ga over her wedding.

But I've seen enough.
For more than a week the wedding has been all over the news, current affairs programs, in magazines and newspapers.
I know that for some it's a big affair.

I'm happy that Will and Kate are getting married. I'm happy that they've been friends long enough to really know each other. I'm happy that the Queen is happy enough to lend Kate the ring tiara that is holding her veil.

But the only part I'm really interested in is Kate's wedding dress.
And now that I've seen it, I'm watching something else.
Because it's a royal wedding, the ceremony is going to be a long one.
Very long.
Too long for me.
Heck, my own wedding ceremony was too long, and that was only about half an hour.

Anyway, the dress.
Kate's wedding dress is beautiful. Whoever designed it for her did a beautiful job. It suits Kate perfectly.
Ivory satin and lace, short train, sheer, non-lacy veil, held in place by the Queen's ring tiara.

I'll let you all get back to watching it now.


  1. I thought I was at the Christmas Pageant when I saw Princess Beatrice's Reindeer horn hat. Hilarious.

    But yes, the bride looked radiant and they do seem to be in love, so I wish them the best.

  2. It's a shame there's been so much hype - I'm all wedding'd out!! And next week is going to feel a bit anticlimactic ...

  3. I guess I missed the hype but did the same, tuned in to check out the dress. Quite modest for a princess I think but very "Grace Kelly".

  4. Marie; a reindeer horn hat??? That seems a bit tacky.

    Rad Nomad; I tried to ignore all the pre-wedding hype, but it was everywhere.

    Baino; it was very Grace Kelly. Simple and elegant. I love it. According to our Saturday Advertiser, Kate had a hand in the designing of it.


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