DUO trial

Several weeks ago I was contacted by email to see if I'd like to trial a new laundry powder.

The powder?
DUO +Antibacterial ultra concentrate.

The back of the box reads:
Get more out of your wash with DUO!
Fights odours and leaves laundry hygienically clean.
Hygienically cleans even in cold water.
Ideal for dirty clothes such as sweaty sports gear, underwear, socks, work clothes, towels and linen that can harbour germs.

I've been using DUO for years and have always been happy with the results.
DUO was always cheaper than leading detergent brands and I found it to be very effective even when using only half the stated amount of powder. I usually wash in warm to hot water, but this new DUO promises good results in COLD water. A potential saving on my gas bill....
So I was willing to give it a try.

In due course a package containing a 950g box of DUO powder was delivered to my door.

Each box of powder comes with its own plastic scoop, which I immediately tossed away, as I always do....

...in favour of this sturdier blue scoop, that I've had for years, from god-knows-where.

The original DUO hasn't been seen on supermarket shelves for quite a while now, making me thankful for my habit of buying in bulk whenever it's on special,I still have several boxes left from my last bulk purchase.

Since this new box of DUO +antibacterial was delivered I've done four loads of washing, all in cold water, and I'm happy to say my clothes, towels and sheets have all come out clean and fresh smelling.

I don't have children living with me, school age or older, so I can't vouch for it's efficiency against stinky teenager socks or sweaty sports clothes.
But I am prepared to say that in my opinion this powder will be effective as stated on the box, even in cold water.

Duo +antibacterial has a very light, fresh scent which is not at all over powering or noticeable after the clothes are washed, and doesn't contain any added scent such as those found in many other laundry powders. (Lavender; Green Apple etc)

This is a bonus for me, since I don't like my washing powders to be scented with anything that might cause my clothes to give me any allergic reactions, like itching and hayfever.

I'd recommend this to anyone.

This is not a sponsored post and I'm not receiving any payment for writing this.


  1. No-name brand washing powder works for me in cold water, it gets the same results as the dearer brands. We must think a like because in this case i to throw away the clear plastic scoop in favour of the blue scoop, i've had it for years to :-).

  2. Well, I might just have to try it now. I always wash with Aldi detergent, but then always put a scoop of the colour napi-san in. And nothing works better. But if I put this to the test, I can vouch for stinky kids socks too!

    Thanks for your honest opinion! xx

  3. I like soap nuts with some epsom salts (to soften our hard water).
    And Sard Wondersoap for himself's very greasy work shirts.
    It's a good feeling when you find a washing detergent that works for you.

  4. Manufacturers who discontinue products without warning should be shot!! Or at least severely punished ...

    Glad you've found a good substitute!!

  5. Windsmoke; no-name brands often make me itch. I find the clear plastic scoop too flimsy.

    Kymmie; I'm not sure it on the shelves yet, I haven't noticed it, but that could be because I don't go down that aisle. I still have 18 boxes of the original DUO left from my last bulk buy.

    Devi; I've not seen soap nuts before although I have heard of them. No need for Sard here, no greasy work shirts...it is a good soap though.

    Red Nomad; the substitute is the same product, same brand, just renewed with an antibacterial component added. I do sorely miss other products that were discontinued without warning though.
    Like egg cream shampoos,(bright yellow), the best my hair ever had, and creme rinse conditioners, (pink), ditto. They were Coles generic, available in the 80's. My hair loved them!

  6. I agree with Red Nomad - I HATE it when that happens and you have to start the hunt all over again. Especially things like washing powder as there are expensive, especially if they don't live up to the claim on the packet - or you develop an allergy to them. I'm glad you have something you like and which does the job.

  7. I wash my clothes (and dishes too of course) with Coles dish washing liquid. Soap is soap.

  8. I use Earth Choice liquid $2.00 a bottle when there was only my clothes but now with the BOH I throw in a capful of Napisan and I've always used cold water.

  9. Marie; It will be a while before I have to start the washing powder search, maybe by then the new DUO will be on the shelves.

    R.H. soap is soap, unless you have allergies.

    JahTeh; I used to do that Napisan thing too with the kids clothes.

  10. Washing powder is the biggest scam ever played on women. Good heavens, whiter than white! All this quackery, these phoney additives. "Women are dumb, tell them anything, they'll believe it." Coles dishwashing liquid is $2 a bottle. It lasts for ages and is excellent for washing clothes. I don't see what's in expensive soap products that prevents "allergies". Maybe it's another version of "you're soaking in it", a claim that a certain dishwashing liquid was beneficial to the skin on women's hands. What garbage.


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