autumn is upon us

The leaves are changing colour,

becoming beautiful reds...

...and golds...

...and falling from the trees.

Soon our streets will look like this...

...and this...

...and this.


  1. Beautiful. I love this time of year, especially crunching through the autumn leaves with my little girl :)

  2. I really love autumn, especially when we have gorgeous days like today - which is incidentally sunnier and warmer than our summer was!

  3. One of the most beautiful times of year. And I love your photos of the autumnal colours. Thanks.

  4. Megan; I love the colours and the crunch of autumn leaves too.

    Veronica; It has been very sunny lately, but without the soul-destroying heat of summer.

    EC; Autumn is my favourite time, followed closely by mid-spring.

  5. Autumn brings warm sunny days and chilly nights then before you know it winter is upon us. Around my area there's not many trees that shed there leaves in Autumn because they are mostly native evergreens :-).

  6. I really enjoyed seeing your photos of autumn. Funny to think that your plants are winding down, just as we are experiencing the spring explosion. Both seasons have their charms, but on balance I'd say that autumn is my favourite season just because of the glorious colours - a blaze of yellows, oranges and reds. I love the crisp, cooler days, the colourful foliage, the smell of apple-scented air.

  7. River I am thrilled that we have succeeded in our efforts with deciduous trees at the farm as I love the changing scenery. We do not have sufficiently cool weather to make them easy to cultivate.

  8. Windsmoke; warm sunny days and nights cool enough to sleep comfortably.

    Marie; I love both seasons, the weather is so perfect. And the colours are amazing, reds and golds in autumn, then pinks, purples and yellows in spring.

    Chez; the first couple of years babying trees is hard, but after that they're usually okay. I hope you've had a glorious display of colour.

  9. Hi River,

    Winter has gone, Spring is here - and Summer is approaching.

    Nice! How weird it is to read about Autumn in April.





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