welcome to drifting

Why Drifting?

It's what I do. I drift.
Like a slow moving river, I drift along, avoiding obstacles.
I'm not the type to rush headlong towards a waterfall, make waves, get noticed.
I don't agitate, stirring up pots of trouble.

I'm more your laid-back, easy-going, take it as it comes type of person.
I'm calm.
Serene even.

Hey, someone has to do it, the world already has plenty of movers and shakers.

I take the easy way. I do the simple things.
I'm organised, a place for everything and everything in its place.
Because life is simpler when things are where they belong.
Life is easy when I don't have to search for my keys; when the book or dvd I want is in its proper place on the shelf.

I make few commitments on my time, apart from necessary things like work, or medical appointments.
I don't fill my days with a minute by minute schedule.
This comes in handy on the odd occasion when someone says "do you want to....?"; if the suggested activity appeals to me I can say yes immediately.

I've been criticised now and then by people who say I'm a stay-at-home, a stick-in-the-mud, boring.
These critics make valid points, but I am who I am, I enjoy life enough without looking for extra excitement.
I'm a simple person with simple values, living quietly, happily.
I'm a river.
Drifting along, being there for the people who need me.


  1. Drifting is good. Drifting allows a person to savour the small magical things that life brings. The sort of things you so often capture with your camera and share with us. Thankyou.

  2. If anyone reads your blog and is surprised by this, probably needs to read your blog title again. You make it absolutely clear. And I like boring. Love predictable. Makes my world go around. Funnily enough it is anything but dull. And I'm sure you agree! xx

  3. Hi River,

    Be who you want to be - don't change. I know I won't.




  4. Sometimes I think that people who call others 'stick in the mud' or 'boring' are the ones with the problem. They're so insecure that they need to continually prove how exciting, busy and popular they are.

    I'm a homebody and finally coming to terms with that. If I have to dress up, go out and put up with loud music, I always yearn to be home in my comfy clothes, on the lounge, ruffling Milly the dog's ears. Best nightspot ever.

  5. Elephant's Child; you're right, Those who are always rushing from one thing to another often miss the smaller details.

    Kymmie; Boring and predictable=stability for me. a little unexpected bump in the road now and then adds a little spice, which is fine as long as it goes back to normal straight after.

    Plasman; I like who I am and have no intention of changing.

    Kath; i've always been a homebody. I remember nights on the couch with the TV and my cat, when I had one. Good times. Peaceful times.

  6. Everbody has different ideas about their lifestyle choices but always choose what's right for you if it's just drifting or running a marathon that's your choice nobody else can live your life for you :-).

  7. Not a bad thing to be River, I tend to be a bit ballistic and need to fill every moment with some sort of action or purpose. Yesterday, I drifted, it wasn't easy but it was good and I feel very chillaxed for it today.

  8. I think in this life, as often as possible, you should do what you want. This is a great example of that.


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