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you get lost and find a better one.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I'm not happy,

in fact I'm rather pi88ed off! 

Just lately my computer has installed itself several updates.
That alone is annoying enough because "please wait while updates are installed, do not turn off your computer, this could take a while" is usually longer than what I call "a while". 
The most recent "while" was just over an hour!

Most of the time I got over it because nothing seemed to change, everything worked like it had before.
But today, I discovered my computer no longer recognises my printer!!!
and other cross words :(

I select a picture I want to print, right click and select the print option and instead of a window with my Canon named it has Microsoft XPS Document Writer. WTF????
So I click on the print icon of the print window and the stupid system asks me "how would you like to save your print output?" and takes me to my documents page.
I'm thinking, "OK, I'll save it there and print it from there".

Huh. no go. It just keeps asking me to save.

So please excuse me while I wander around in the ether trying to download a Windows 10 printer driver for my Canon.
Play amongst yourselves, I'll be back later. Unless I start throwing things at walls :(


  1. sigh indeed, there weren't none to be had :(

  2. You have Win10?

    Sorry for your troubles :(

  3. S.J.Qualls; have had windows10 for quite a while now with no troubles apart from a different system for getting photos from my cameras. the real problem here is my printer is obsolete and downloading a driver can't be done, there isn't one available now.

  4. Throw a few cushions...they won't break and they won't do damage to your walls!

    I empathise...I feel like throwing a few things today, too!!

  5. Lee; it has been one of those days (*~*)at least Angel is in a good mood and cuddly too.

  6. You can restore or "go back" and things should return to normal.

    1. Granny Annie; I don't think restore would work, the printer is so old it's getting very hard to find ink cartridges for it. and the updates haven't affected anything else. Besides, there have been so many updates lately, I probably couldn't find the restore point.

  7. I gave up and gave my printer to my daughter.

    1. only slightly confused; I'm sure she is very happy to have it and can now print things for you if you need them.

  8. I agree that these constant updates are wearing thin. I had another update the other night and had a problem with my printer. For me it was just going into the settings and clicking on my current printer as the default printer. It had reset to my current printers fax icon instead of the print icon.

    This Anniversary update just keeps on coming. It needs to stop.

  9. Three times I've had to go back and restore after a windows download. The swearing is unbelievable but it's that or a wrist vein opening.
    At the moment I'm trying to find where my printer information is so I can calibrate the cartridges but at least it still prints not so my scanner which I had to remove altogether as windows did not recognize the brand. I kept my old CPU and sorely tempted to re-connect it to darling XP, the system for old useless people.