Diverting the River

Hello, it is I, K (aka NO ONE back when I could be bothered with my own blog), stepping in as a special guest blogger, while River is having computer problems (which I will be looking into on the weekend, like the amazingly awesome daughter I like to think I am).

Feel free to bask in the greatness of my presence, or grumble about how you're stuck with me, and River damn well better be back soon to wrest this blog from my grasping hands.

It's been awhile since I've done one of these so I'm not sure what to say anymore. I think I'll do what I always do when I'm at a loss for words, and talk TV.
Specifically one of my current favourite shows, Rookie Blue, which you are unlikely to hear about from River, so when she reads this, she will be ruing the day she gave me her password. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Rookie Blue is a Canadian cop show, that just finished it's 6th and most likely final season. It's entertaining, although some people have said it's a bit slow to start. I say stick it out until the episode where a few of them go undercover as people of negotiable affection (episode 4 of season 1), it picks up after that. The first 4 four seasons are only 13 episodes long, seasons 5 and 6 are 11 episodes each, so it's perfect for weekend marathoning.

Look how pretty the five original rookies are.

If you do watch, give Gail (played by the awesome Charlotte Sullivan) a chance. I liked her from the very start (I always love the bitchy mean girl, who turns out to have an underlying vulnerability - that probably says something about me, but I'm not here to psychoanalyze myself) , but some people (who are clearly insane) take some time to come around to her side of things.

That's it for me today, and if you all are lucky, and maybe wish really hard, River's computer problems will be fixed before too long, and she'll be back here with her far superior posts.


  1. Nice to see you again. Consider me basking and also hoping that you can work your magic and bring River's computer to life again.

  2. Tell your mom's computer to get well soon!!

  3. Nice to hear from you again. Have you watched the scifi 'Charlie Jade'? I went through the whole lot only to find the 2nd last episode was mangled but the last episode played. Computer meltdown, nothing compared to me. I also took a chance on 'Penny Dreadful' but can't bring myself to go for the second season and didn't think River could handle it or I would have sent it to her.

  4. Well, Hi K...'tis nice to meet you...and very nice of you to fill in for your Mum during her hours of need!

    I've tried to teach Remy and Shama, my two furry, four-legged rascals how to use my computer...they're spend much of their time sitting up close and person to the keyboard and monitor when I'm using my computer...but they refuse to have a bar of it!

    However....I believe when I go out the story is different!! They hide their talents from me! I know how I feel when I'm unable to use my computer and/or internet...by the end of the time I usually have only one strand of hair left! I don't have a thoughtful daughter like you to stand in for me. :)

    Tell River I look forward to her return...and for her not to tear all her hair out! :)

  5. Clever headline. I am pleased you began in a light hearted manner, immediately killing any thought that something was seriously wrong, although I rather think a non working computer is something seriously wrong.

  6. Thank you my amazingly awesome daughter, and I will get around to watching Rookie Blue eventually.

  7. It's nice to get home from work and see the my post was greeted with a warm welcome. Thank you.
    JahTeh, I have seen Charlie Jade. I bought the DVDs a few years back, because I thought it looked interesting.
    Now, I happily hand the blog back to River, who assures me she is back online, without needing my assistance.

  8. Hi, K! How nice of you to fill in for your mom. Hmmm, now I'll have to figure out a way to get one of my kids to do the same for me some day.

    I like "Rookie Blue," too, but we haven't watched very many shows. (Must be something else on at the same time that my hubby wants to watch...)

  9. River, I will post as soon as I find it in the dvd library.

  10. All good, JahTeh, mum will be stopping by my place next week, she can take my copy then, so you don't have to post it.
    Susan, finally someone else here who likes my show! Hi!

  11. Thanks for the fill in :)
    Will have to check out Rookie Blue.

  12. Susan; it's easy. You say I don't have internet access, can you get on my site and apologise for me. and they do. Of course you have to give them your URL

    JahTeh; no need, I'll borrow K's DVDs, but thanks anyway.

    no-one; :D

    Vicki; I should watch Rookie Blue myself. I started to....then The Blacklist came along.

  13. I too have an amazingly awesome daughter, so I know just how lucky River is to have your help - both as a very engaging guest blogger, and for computer assistance!


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