Whimsical Wednesday # 195

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

so very true.


  1. Or a Kindle I know, you like turning pages. So do I, but with a computer I can make the print larger. Book print is usually uncomfortably small for me.

  2. I'm reaching max on my Kindle now that I've got it working again. I wonder if I can add shelves to it lol.....

  3. We have stacks of books waiting for us. Hope we can get through them all.

  4. That certainly is the case around my place...not enough shelves; not enough bookcases.

    Happy Hump Day, River. :)

  5. Definitely true here. Though there may perhaps (just perhaps) be nearly too many books.

  6. I have just fixed the bookcase that contains books to be read with one shelf of books read. That's easy, it's the coffee table books that are the problem, I'm running out of floor since those stupid Ikea bookcases are not made for holding anything larger than a pamphlet without collapsing in the middle.
    I am so old I can remember going to the neighbourhood timber yard, telling them what I needed and having it made with nails and strong wood then delivered to the door, no allen keys needed.

  7. Oh yes.
    And, even though we are downsizing as we prepare to move in the near future, my bookcases - which will go with us - will always be burgeoning.
    I'll be de-cluttering and minimalising to a point, but my art studio and bookcases will always be generously full :)

  8. I love the feel of lot's of books around.

  9. Joeh; I have a kindle too, for carrying when travelling on buses etc, being able to enlarge the print is a heaven sent bonus.

    Delores; how many GB is your kindle? Mine is 4GB and holds between 3000 and 4000 books depending on story length. I got annoyed having to scroll through 152 pages of index looking for the one book I wanted to read, so I deleted most of them and as i finish what I have left on there, I'll add some back on again. They're all still in my computer file and I have a written list as well, so I cross off each one as I finish it.

    Susan Kane; I certainly hope so. Imagine getting up to heaven and asking for a super load-bearing cloud to hold all the unread books we brought with us!

    Lee; I want an extra room so I can fill it with floor to ceiling shelves then put stacks through the middle like a library.

    Elephant's Child; too many? no such thing.

    JahTeh; easily fixed. Get a hardback book that just fits when squeezed in upright and jam it in the middle where the shelf is sagging, to hold it. Do this wherever you need to. Go to a secondhand shop and get some of those big heavy coffee table books that no one wants to read, paint the spines a distinctive colour, then use them as your shelf supports. or just stack in a few bricks.
    I love proper solid wood bookcases myself and when I win lotto, I shall have them. You too.

    Vicki; I downsized when I moved here and have since bought enough new books to almost make up for it. The book shelves are full and there is a stack beside the TV.

    fishducky; me too! mine that is, I don't know what books are on yours.

    Merle; I love looking at my bookshelf, books all crammed in wherever they will fit. I couldn't live without books around me.

  10. That is very true...i have a Kindle...i sometimes let it read to me..

  11. We have a ton of shelves around here, but there's never enough to hold all the books I keep acquiring. I have to keep giving some away to make room for the new ones. :) (Thank goodness for Kindle, and for libraries!)


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