Whimsical Wednesday # 193

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

if only homework would do itself..


  1. My mother and my youngest brother used to squabble over which of them would do my maths and physics homework. I left them to it.

  2. In high school we used to give our poor Maths teacher hell. We were an all girl class and he was a bit of a nerd! Poor Mr. (Jimmy) Martin. When I look back now I realise he was only a young fellow...straight out of college, I think...and his introduction to the big, wide world of teaching was us!! I wonder if we caused him to alter his career path!! ;)

  3. If only...
    I was terrible at maths in school. Now, I'm pretty good at it. Late bloomer.
    Would have loved to have written this quote in the exam margins - would've got a fail, but probably a sly giggle from the examiner :)

  4. Elephant's Child; my dad used to tell me homework was unnecessary, they're supposed to teach me that stuff in school; I would say it's stuff we didn't get finished and he would come back with the teacher needs to plan better, school work is for school. I spent a good part of primary school not doing any, got a big shock when high school started.

    Lee; in my first high school year my math teacher was gorgeous! Tan, black hair, blue blue eyes and he knew how to teach too. Second high school year, that same man taught us science. I'll never forget him.

    Vicki; I couldn't make sense of Algebra once we got past the simple beginning stuff, but I loved geometry. The basic addition and subtraction, multiplication was always easy for me and came in handy at the checkout later.

    Mimsie; nice to see you back here. I think it's a great quote.

  5. I don't remember much homework from when I was at school, maybe I just didn't do it.

  6. Merle; I remember not doing much in primary school, so high school homework was a shock. In hindsight I could wish I'd done differently, but it doesn't really matter now.


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