I'm back for however long the computer wants to play nice

"far superior posts" ?? thank you my amazingly awesome daughter. 
As you can see, I'm back. 
No idea what went wrong, just could not get connected. 
Anyone out there know what "secure connection failed" means? I got that message repeatedly from 8:30pm yesterday.

 Anyway, I tried just now moving to different locations within the flat and finally got connected in the bedroom with the dongle hanging out the back door.
Scooped up all the cords and the laptop too of course and moved back to the table and hoped everything would stay on. It did. working on the bed is impossible for me, I need a proper table and chair.
If I hadn't been able to connect, I'd be on the  us to K's first thing tomorrow morning.

Thank you all for your lovely comments to K. 
(I really must get around to watching Rookie Blue, I've been on a Blacklist kick)

So, what's new with you?


  1. I had a similar problem two weeks ago, River...my internet connection kept dropping out. When the Telstra tech came on the Monday he discovered the line outside was shot. It crumbled in his fingers, so he replaced it...and touch wood (or telephone wire) everything has been fine ever since.

    I love "The Blacklist" too...and eagerly await the next season. I've always been a big fan of James Spader, whatever he's in...in movies or TV series. I think he's great.

    Good to have you back with us...and thanks to your daughter for taking hold of the reins there for a while. :)

  2. Lee, no constant dropping out here, couldn't connect at all. I liked James Spader in the original Stargate movie, but in the Blacklist I like the Tom Keen character. James Spader has some annoying facial habits, the way he is constantly moving his mouth for instance as if he has food stuck in his teeth and gums. Season 3 is going to be a long, long, wait :(

  3. Elephant's Child; it's good to be back. In case I'd picked up an internet problem, I ran two anti-virus programs first thing this morning and had a minor tantrum when I still couldn't get connected (*~*)

    Jaquelineand...;I'm so glad I finally got connected again. the back porch is an odd place to pick up a signal though.

    fishducky; there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home. *click* (heels together)

  4. Sorry to hear you had computer prob. Oh how that exasperates me. I just read your daughter's post. She sounds like a neat gal. Dongle....huh?

  5. Don't we miss something we are so used to having that we use a fair bit...glad you have connection once again...

  6. I'm glad your computer is playing nice for you again. It must have been maddening not to be able to get online.

    Happy weekend!

  7. I hate it when the computer plays up.
    Technology... it's all good until it decides to fail on us.
    Have a great weekend, River :)

  8. Manzanita; K is a terrific daughter, very patient with me when I don't understand new technical stuff.

    whiteangel; I spent a good amount of time worried I'd been hacked into.

    Susan; turns out the problem was much more simple to fix, but the message I was getting didn't indicate that. "Secure Connection Failed" turns out to be 'you've run out of data allowance and have to pay up for more'. Used to be they'd let me connect, then redirect me to dodo. This new message had me worried sick.

    Vicki; my genius daughter suggested something when I couldn't connect again all day. It worked to the point where I got redirected to a recharge page, so I paid up and here I am. Again.

  9. .. Glad you are back on track River... it's so frustrating when the won't do what it usually does...... great that your daughter was able to help out.. xxxx Have a great day... Barb xxx

  10. .. Me again River .... I left out the word 'computer' in previous comment... duh Barb xxx... sorry about that.. xxx Barb xx

  11. Barbara; K is my own personal PC doctor!

  12. ... when my computer plays up I get Hubby to come and stand beside me in front of it.. works properly then... go figure xx lol :)

  13. Turns out "secure connection failed" is code for "your prepaid data allowance has run out, pay up now to get more"


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