Monday Musings #8

I've wanted a house overlooking the ocean as long as I can remember. Up on a cliff, with a sandy beach below. A rainforest background would be icing on the cake.

Last week, looking through the real estate pages like I always do, I spotted just such a house. No rain forest, but who needs icing? Not up on a cliff either, but up above the dunes is close enough. 
I stared at the image on that page for a very long time, drinking in the details, the view, the surrounds, before finally turning on the computer to look at it online. 

I opened the file to look at the floorplan. It's a bit of a rabbit warren, many rooms, a couple of hallways, corners everywhere. But it also has verandas, with plenty of space to put couches filled with cushions and knee rugs, to sit back and read or just gaze at the ocean until you fall asleep. Bliss.

There's no price listed and I remembered the old saying,"if you have to ask the price, then you can't afford it". Which is cetainly true in my case at least. 

But a girl can dream, right? and what better to dream of than something I've always wanted and dreamed about in the past? The only difference now is the image in my mind. White house, wide verandas, 200* ocean views. 

Saw this cartoon in the local paper a couple of weeks ago and just had to smile:

and here's something else to smile about:

Angel paws. He thinks he is so well hidden I'll never find him.



  1. A house on the water, any water, always a dream of mine as well. At least I am lucky enough to rent an apartment behind a garage one house from the beach for a few weeks in the summer.

  2. That home sounds lovely and the "rabbit warren" aspect of it just means that you'll spend more time in the lovely outdoors. I do think your apartment has great features insofar as you are a bus ride from anywhere. Here, there is ONE bus and it runs twice a day and you can ONLY go to the big city downtown. There is a reason every American who doesn't live in a big city feels he must have a car and given the aggressive driving here, the bigger the better. :)

  3. Hi River,

    I'd love to live by the ocean - but not in the UK.

    The South of France, Spain or Italy would do nicely! If I win the lotto I might even consider Australia.




  4. We had a condo on Maui for a few years. We rented it out when we weren't there. We sold it when a change in the tax code made it too expensive for us. We then bought another beach condo an hour & a half away from our home in Los Angeles where we went almost every weekend. We recently sold it because my husband's knees couldn't take the stairs any longer. I miss it!! (Sometimes I think I should have sold my husband, instead, but there's very little market for an 83 year old with bad knees!!)

  5. Living on the water has always been one of my dreams too. And still is.
    Smiling at the hidden Angel. Jazz n Jewel do it too.

  6. Dreaming is good. And take my word for it, I know...I'm an expert at it! :) I'm always looking at the real estate pages and sites, too, River.

    I've lived in situations like that beside the ocean, but I no longer do, unfortunately...but I still dream about doing so once day. I want the ocean out front and valley and mountain views out back.

    The house I want is not big...I don't need a big house; I have no need for one. It would be open plan...with only the bedrooms (two bedrooms is more than enough for me) and bathroom area private domains.

    Unfortunately, the only way for my dream to come true would be if I won the Lotto or a major share in it! So I guess I'll just have to stick to my dreams - they cost me nothing...other than hours of pleasure. :)

  7. Angel is just doing the dusting and cobwebbing for you! :)

  8. That house sounds perfect, I too look at real estate and dream.
    Angel is not good at hiding but cats never are they just like you to notice them.

  9. I like the sound of your dream house.
    I have dreams of a quaint cottage not far from a quaint village. Somewhere I can tend my herbs, veggies and roses and spend the rest of my days in peace, with dogs and cats milling around me.
    Dreams are good - they give us a place to disappear to for a time. And if we're really good at it, we can almost feel as though we are actually there.
    Then, reality bites, and that can be a real bummer.

    Angel - he's such a sweet clown. What a great companion.

  10. I've been touching kitty toes all weekend.. with the warmer weather I'm seeing a lot more of them.. ;)

    Happy is perfectly fine with it, you can sit there and touch her toes for 20 minutes and she does not react.

    Grumpy might attempt to remove my fingers from my hands as a surprise to myself. She can be fast asleep, but one touch of the toes and she is ready to attack! And then sometimes she is happy to just pretend like it did not happen.

    Kitties are fun!

  11. It does sound like a dream come true. Another saying popped into my head though ...
    You never know, until you ask!

  12. I think I would prefer fields and some forest behind my cliff top house to make it easier to walk the inevitable dogs. No politician is perfect, but by gosh I like Xenophon.

  13. joeh; I remember you mentioning your "summer home". I used to live in an apartment close to the water, we used to sit on the balcony and watch the ships on the horizon, or watch the storms blowing in and stirring up the waves.

    Happy Elf Mom; if I'd had the chance to buy that home, I'd be knocking out a few walls in the rabbit warren, opening it up a bit. alas it was sold last Saturday and I can't afford a house anyway. I know how inconvenient a one bus service can be, my sister lives in a one bus town. Not set timetable either. You pick a bus stop and sit and wait.

    Plasman; prices for waterfront houses in Australia are somewhere in the stratosphere. you'll have to win a really big lotto.

    fishducky; a lot of newer constructions here, the expensive ones at least, have elevators installed from the lobby to the upstairs apartments, some opening up right inside your front door, others beside your door. i agree there's not much of a market for 83 year olds with bad knees.

    Elephant's Child; you and me and Lee, all dreaming together of a house overlooking the ocean. Cats-who can understand them?

    Lee; ocean out front with a sandy beach for walking and a bit of swimming, mountain background would be nice, but I'd settle for trees. I no longer want a big house either, too much cleaning. Two bedrooms, living room and wide verandas, plus the usual kitchen, bath, laundry, that's all I need.

    Merle; welcome to dreamland where we have everything you could want. Temporarily. At least until you wake up.

    Vicki; I like your quaint cottage/village dream. I have that one sometimes, but my ocean always has to be close enough.
    Angel has been pretty sweet lately.

    Snoskred; Angel isn't happy with toe touching and not his tail either. Touching his tail usually gets a claw slash. I can brush my hand down it once, but that's it.

    Susan F; I thought of that saying too, but once you ask an agent anything, they're forever sending you emails thinking you're in the market to buy. And I'm not. Not without a big, big lotto win.

    Andrew; fields? yes, but not too big, something more like a home paddock on a farm, backed by big shady trees. On a cliff overlooking the ocean of course. What better place to walk the dogs than a beach?
    I like Xenophon too, a lot. I always vote for him. He's an Adelaide boy I believe.

  14. It is so lovely to dream...I like the sound of yours :)
    I had a house, two story with ocean views both floors that I sold last year, about this time in was my second house...

  15. whiteangel; if I had a house with ocean views I would never sell.

  16. That has been one of my dreams as well and I know the exact house which would be there...yes, one can dream.
    My son and his wife have bought a house in Tasmania and she tells me it does overlook the ocean. One day I must ask her for more details. They go there on holiday and I believe my son took a job over there for six months or more until it got too cold for him. I am told he is now back home again.
    Liked the little picture and the Angel paws.

  17. Mimsie; a friend I worked with has recently put her house on the market and will be moving to Tasmania when it gets sold. I don't think she'll be overlooking the ocean though, she's headed for a city.


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