Thursday Thoughts # 64

from Trust Your Eyes by Linwood Barclay
"I ran my palm over my forehead. A major storm front of a headache was moving in. A migraine monsoon."

from Speaking in Bones by Kathy Reichs
" Cat's don't care if you speak with your mouth full. A character trait I much admire."

Currently reading Strong Conviction by Trevor Scott.

Today's Thoughts:
I've got a blank page staring at me while I stare at it. Do pages actually stare? Or do they just sit there waiting to be written or drawn upon? We'll never really know.

I don't have thoughts to share. Nothing deep and meaningful anyway. I've had three or four days of knowing Thursday is coming and I need to write something, but I've come up empty.

I can tell you that a couple of days ago I saw a woman on TV showing off a tomato that grew in her yard, (I think, or maybe it came in a box of tomatoes she bought, I don't pay a lot of attention to TV), it was bright red and shaped exactly like a rubber ducky. And about the same size as one of those little bathtub toys too. Maybe a little larger, it sat on the palm of her hand.

I'll mention the McCains frozen Tuna Mornay meal I ate recently, I heated it in the microwave of course, eating it still frozen is out of the question. Usually I heat these and eat them straight from the little plastic container, but on that day, I scooped the food onto a dinner plate and was a little shocked at how large the serving is. It covered the plate. 

I mixed in the broccoli I'd microwaved, because Tuna Mornay in a box doesn't have any greens, and then I ate it. As I scraped the plate clean, I wondered how many of these had I eaten through the winter? Not too many, but at that size, certainly too much too often. No wonder my jeans don't fit! 
Here's a dilemma. Do I eat them less often? Or do I heat and eat half the serving, leaving half for the next day? Do these frozen meals keep well in the fridge once they've been heated?  I'm going to have to try it and find out.

You may have seen yesterday's surprise post about my new speakers. I bought them last Friday. The built in speakers in my laptop sound okay, the sound is a bit thin, not quite tinny, at least I can hear them, but I watch movies and TV shows via laptop occasionally, it has a CD/DVD player, and I wanted a better sound. So off I went to Dick Smith in the city, okay I was already in the city and made a split second executive decision... and searched the shelves for external speakers. Walked through the store three times without seeing any, then asked an assistant, who pointed out an entire shelf of them right next to the service counter. (*~*)

I chose the set pictured in yesterday's post, they're 23cm high and 9cm wide, so small enough to not take up too much room and they look nice. I'd been thinking that I'd spend about $30 or so, well as it turns out, speakers are a bit more expensive, but the budget was already blown out so I went ahead and paid $69.98 for them. And I'm glad I did. I've been watching episodes of The Blacklist and the sound from these speakers makes me feel like I'm in a movie theatre. The box advertised 'Rich Stereo Sound with Deep Bass' and it certainly does have that. Listening to the songs on my I-Tunes list is a much better experience now too. All up - well worth the budget blow out. 

Today, the budget is taking another hit. A small one. I'm off to Ikea for a "multi-use hanger". It has a hook like a regular hanger, attached are rows of circles to hang things like scarves or belts. I'll take photos when I get home and show it to you.I'm going to hang my scarves and free up some drawer space which will then get stuffed with something else.


  1. Sometimes those blank pages taunt us. I am certain they do...
    Love that you are giving yourself some treats.

  2. Blank pages!
    Your speakers sound nice. Laptop ones have an awful sound. Good things comes in small packages so it's said.
    More space in the drawers is always a good thing.
    Happy shopping.

  3. You're right; my cat probably likes to hear my monologue through a mouth full of tuna noodle casserole.

  4. I'm surprised you don't make your own mornay. I have watched house hold management make it and it doesn't look too hard. There is usually enough for two meals so we freeze half. I should think once thawed the bought mornay would last a few days in the fridge. Is it possible though to cut it in half and keep half frozen?

  5. Elephant's Child; the speakers are the real treat, the scarf hanger is just so the gloves and beanies can have enough space.

    fishducky; you're right, no matter how many drawers you have they are never empty enough.

    Margaret; my laptop is a Toshiba, so the sound isn't too bad, just limited, no bass. I remember a Toshiba walkman I had once, cassette player, it had the best sound I've ever heard in a walkman. The drawer space won't last long, I'll spread out the gloves and beanies.

    Joanne; Angel hangs around when I eat tuna, but if I give him some, he'll sniff at it and walk away.

    Andrew; I do sometimes make my own mornay, it depends on how much room is in my freezer for meal portions. sometimes a bought frozen one is more convenient. Certainly faster. I don't have a freezer knife, so cutting one would have to be done while it is half thawed.

  6. I've had a staring contest with blank pages before. Sometimes they even win and I close the computer. Hey No.... maybe I've won if I send them retreating into nothingness. LOL Yes do a photo of the "hook thing." I'm always in need of space saving ideas.
    Hahaha but you're so right about it always getting stuffed with something else.

  7. Is the tuna safe to share with Angel? Giving your cat, say, a third of the serving might work if half a serving is too little for you to eat. :)

  8. I've had more than my fair share of migraines in my life, so I know that feeling well.
    Love your speakers from yesterday's post - good sound is very important.
    Don't worry about the blank page - Mercury is in retrograde, and writing/communication is often affected, along with travel and money.
    Jack likes it when I speak with my mouth full (even though he can't hear me now), it means there's food around, and he just might get a morsel :)

  9. Manzanita; the photo shall be up here on Sunday. Our Sunday, not your Sunday.

    Happy Christine; Angel won't eat it, he often won't eat the cat foods that contain tuna either.

    Vicki; It wasn't that I couldn't think of anything so much as I'd completely forgotten to get something written up and saved. I had the computer already turned off and was ready to go to bed when I remembered. Then the blank page threw me.
    I don't understand all those retrograde and other cycles. I just keep track of the full moon.


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