message for Channel 7

I've just seen an advertisement about the fast-tracking-from-America Season Three of The Blacklist.


Now, just how fast are we talking about? Hmmm? 

me too

Cast of The Blacklist

my favourite character, Tom Keen, played by Ryan Eggold

Tom Keen, imprisoned in the hold of a cargo ship

turning himself in to protect his wife Lizzie from a murder charge


  1. Yes, in spite of all the painting, writing, and reading we do here in our retirement years, we are both firmly hooked on television. For me, it's probably a reaction to all those nights I had to sit around grading papers instead.
    Thank heaven for our DVR.

  2. Haven't heard of this 'Blacklist', must see if it's on TV down here..l

  3. Like Margaret, something I hadn't heard of...

  4. Blacklist is one of my favorite shows!!

  5. Marty Damon; I don't do any of the painting, writing etc, for me it's mostly reading and watching TV. With a bit of gardening thrown in. I'm kind of a lazy so-and-so.

    Margaret-whiteangel; if you've seen CSI and Criminal Minds this is similar, so you know what type of show you are missing. It's a bit bloodier (gory) in some episodes and there's lots of shoot-outs.

    Elephant's Child; I'm surprised you haven't heard of this, but also not too surprised since you read more than watch TV.

    fishducky; I recently ordered the season two dvds from Amazon, because even though season 2 is finished here, the DVDs won't be released in Australia until some time next year. I remember waiting over a year to get season one.
    Who is your favourite character? And are you convinced, like me, that Lizzie is Reddington's daughter?

  6. I loved the show when it first started but missed a bit now I'm confused about who's who and what's what.

  7. Merle; you'll have to buy the DVDs and catch up.


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