Thursday Thoughts # 62

from season 2 episode 10 of The Blacklist
"...the undeniable pleasure and sweet satisfaction of 'I told you so'..." 

from Never Look Away by Linwood Barclay
"she decides to check out this gym bag he's got tucked down on the floor behind the driver's seat. She didn't even know he worked out. First thing she notices is, it sure smells good for a gym bag. Or rather, it sure doesn't smell bad. What kind of guy has a gym bag that doesn't smell bad?"

Today's Thoughts:

Gym bags. Stinky gym bags as seen on TV, in movies and read about in books.  I simply do not understand stinky gym bags (or stinky lockers either).
Surely these boys don't simply carry around their gym clothes and wear them time and again for a whole semester? Or keep the same set in their locker?
Don't they take them home and get them washed after each sweaty session? Or non-sweaty session if they're good about using anti perspirant. 
And the bags? They're soft zippered bags, entirely washable. Why are they allowed to get stinky? 
When my kids were in school they didn't have gym class every day or even every week. There were but mostly these were outdoor games sessions, hockey, volleyball, and so on. Gym exercises, climbing, vaulting, etc, were done in the gym only if the weather was too cold or wet. And I washed their Phys.Ed. uniforms every week. They brought them home in a plastic bag the same day they'd worn them and put them into the laundry hamper. Phys.Ed. was usually on a Friday and I washed on Saturdays. 
If their actual school backpacks got smelly, (nearly liquefied banana),I washed those too. Even non-smelly school bags got a wash when summer holidays rolled around. 

Heard on the news Tuesday night: Tony Abbott, our Prime Minister, is making statements about Pollies Perks being cut and rorts being looked into. 
I was washing dishes, not taking notes and can't remember exactly what was said, but the gist is Pollies will have to declare something or other and travel will have to be paid for by themselves, not automatically be paid for as an allowance. 
'Hooray!' is what I thought, then heard this: the buggers are getting a pay rise to cover these allowances! An extra $30,000 a year I think is what they said. I don't think this is fair when the rest of us are being asked to tighten our belts, it's particularly unfair when so many have recently lost jobs because of manufacturing company shutdowns, downsizings etc. 
Phooey! I say.

Spooning out icecream and the little devil on my shoulder said "aren't you fat enough already?" The other little devil on the other shoulder smirked and said "fat enough? she passed that point a year ago!" 
'Well, okay', I thought, 'the damage is already done...' and sat down to enjoy the icecream. BUT, I didn't. 
I ate it because it was already in my bowl (a small bowl too), but didn't enjoy it. Hmmmm.

I texted my daughter, No-One, about killing a big fat spider and a half dead cockroach. she texted back, " so, no setting up a little fight club where they have 'two bugs enter, one bug leaves' cage matches?"
I said "it wouldn't be a fair fight, since the cockroach was already half dead"
Name that movie.


  1. I love "I told you so." But generally I just smile, instead.

  2. Beyond the Thunderdome. A movie reference I know. Almost a first. And Tina Turner rocked it...
    $30,000 dollars more? And of course then their travel will become a work place expense for them to claim on their tax. So a $30,000 wage rise. Hiss and bloody spit. And the age of entitlement is dead...

  3. Politicians... the attempt of countries lacking a monarchy to establish a privileged caste...

  4. A tram load of teenage schoolboys always smell. A tram load of wet teenage schoolboys and the smell is vile. Perhaps it comes from the school bags.

  5. Politicians pay packets are disgusting... and the expenses they can claim are over the top....
    I Don't think about Gym bags, sneakers and smelly teenagers ever these days... just glad that time of my life is over.. lol....
    Thunderdome was great.... I liked Tina Turner ...
    Have a great day River.. Hugs... Barb xxx

  6. Joanne; I rarely say I told you so, but I often think it.

    Elephant's Child; Beyond Thunderdome is a great movie isn't it? I think I'll watch it this afternoon.
    I can't be sure on the $30,000, but I watched Today Tonight last night and heard quite a bit more on the subject. How about this statement: "MPs salaries are so low they have to claim hefty allowances to compensate..." my jaw just about hit the floor on that one. The program went on to say their base salary is $153,130 plus a fully insured, fully serviced car with petrol allowance; an electoral allowance just over $49,000; a $100,000 chauffered limo allowance; a $5,750 expenses allowance AND a global allowance of $45,467. All coming to a total of $354,209 and a few cents.

    Jacquelineand...I will never ever understand how people can have so much and whine about it not being enough.

    Andrew; I've been on a bus with a load of teenage schoolboys, but they sat at the back, it wasn't a full bus load, thankfully it was morning so they were all still fresh from their showers. Wet schoolboys? I think the problem there might be the school blazers which are usually wool and wet wool does have a distinctive odour. Different entirely from unwashed sweaty gym gear that has been worn more than once or twice.

    Barbara; the expenses and allowances are what is in question right now, so the idea apparently is to cut the allowances claims, but give them a hefty payrise to compensate.
    Thunderdome is one of my favourite movies.

  7. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.
    Seen all of the Mad Max movies many times over.
    The first is still the best for me.

    I won’t get started on politicians and their associated lurks and perks. We’ll never truly know what goes on behind those huge wooden doors and especially under those big heavy tables…
    As the cost of living rises in every sector, wages do not go up to match. Unbalanced and unfair.

    My boy's gym bag was never hideously smelly, as I emptied and aired it each time it was used.
    The only times my nose wrinkled was at the strong smell of chlorine soaked soggy towels and bathers on swimming days.

    I read your post – and replied – whilst tucking into a delicious tub (yes, tub) of icecream. Guilt free :)

  8. Vicki; a whole tub?? Usually ice cream is guilt free for me too and I didn't feel guilty eating the small serve I had, just wondered why I was; realised it had become a habit to finish a meal with ice cream.
    I like all the Mad Max movies and don't think I could pick a favourite.

    1. Yep, a tub - albeit a small tub, which I don't bother to scoop into a bowl.
      My biggest/worst indulgence is icecream. Or, (non) guilty pleasure :)

  9. Nothing wrong with perking ourselves up, River. I've just had a Peters Drumstick. I love them...and there's nobody, no where who is going to stop me from eating them...unless it Peters...if they stop making them! :)

  10. I used to get my sons bags and wash them often, they still seemed to smell.
    Love Ice Cream with strawberries, or chocolate topping...

  11. Do you know why there is little trouble in our country we have the boys and girls in canberra and our capitals to complain about all the time they are just always putting their hand in our pockets, they talk a lot and do little but need to travel all the time and spend much money we have a common enemy so we don't have time to fight with our neighbours.
    Ice cream is always good.
    Smelly clothes are just yuck.

  12. Lee; I wasn't in need of perking up, just following a habit which I hadn't realised I'd formed. I rarely eat drumsticks anymore.

    whiteangel; I used to toss the bags in the washing machine in hot water with a little disinfectant added then dry them in the sun. They never carried home sports clothes in them with putting the sweaty stuff in a plastic bag first.

    Merle; i wonder why other countries can't follow our example? Perhaps they're all too close together up there. Ice cream is definitely always good.


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