Monday Musings # 9

"There is no greater contrast than that between the miracle of our existence and the mundanity of having to experience it every day." TV chef and author Adam Liaw.

I've been watching season 8 of The Big Bang Theory and in one episode, shortly after Howard's mum has died, Howard and his wife Bernadette arrive at his mum's home where Stuart, the comic store owner, is now living. Stuart had been looking after Debbie since she injured herself. (an ankle I think)
Stuart tells them there has been a power failure since late last night and power should be back tomorrow morning. 
Howard races to the kitchen and flings open the freezer door, getting very emotional at all the food stored in there. "The very last food my mum ever cooked". 
He doesn't want it to all go to waste, so they decide to cook it all and have a dinner party, inviting Leonard and Penny, Raj and Emily, Sheldon and Amy to share in the bounty. 

I've lived through a power outage or two myself and I know from experience that a filled freezer is low enough in temperature to keep things frozen for as much as 24 hours if the freezer is kept closed during that time. 
I would have thought a bunch of scientists would know that too, so I sat there talking to the TV, "you stupid people, shut the freezer, it will be fine, there's no need to cook 40 pounds of food all in one night"

But having them shut the freezer wouldn't have been nearly as funny as watching them do what they did. 

I'm going to be losing a friend soon, here in Adelaide. We worked together at Coles and have kept in touch since I left, getting together with others for various activities. But her house is on the market and when it is sold, she and her family are moving to Tasmania, where they have always wanted to be. 
We'll still keep in touch, there's email and phone texts, but there'll be no more trips to the zoo, no more pizza at the beach  :(   
After J leaves, there will be only three of the original staff members left from when the store opened in 2004.


  1. I've written before about how surprisingly transitory this time of life has turned out to be. You'd think we'd become more settled as we age, and instead we and our friends are shooting off in all directions.
    It's hard to lose a friend, especially one with whom you have history - those aren't easy to come by.

  2. That is sad about your friend moving, and so far away. The older woman still works at the checkout in Coles in Malvern and she is now 83. There are maybe two more staff who have been there a long time.

  3. I am sorry that your friend is moving - for those of us with few friends nearby it is particularly hard.
    A trip to save up for? Tasmania is beautiful.

  4. You will miss your good friend..I'm sorry to hear she is moving away, River.

    I'm not a fan of Big Bang Theory. I've not watched a complete episode of the series, so I really can't and shouldn't pass comment on it. I agree with you re the freezer and power outages, though. :)

  5. Tasmania is the number one place people move to - and then one or even a couple of years later, move back home from. :) I think there are a lot of reasons for this - the cold weather might be number one.

    I say this from personal experience as presently, yet another friend is selling up and moving back here.

    You've got to be a hardy sort to survive for long down there, it seems. :)

  6. I'm sorry that your close friend is moving away. Such a loss leaves a hole in the heart.
    I hope you are able to visit her when she's settled perhaps - as EC said, Tasmania is a very beautiful place.

    For me, it was I who was the one who moved away - 5,000 kms. I only see my friends briefly once every couple of years. And each time, the goodbyes are just as painful as the first.
    It's so much harder to make good friends when one is older - speaking for myself, here. So I miss mine terribly.

    We had major line works along our road last Thursday, and the power was out for nine hours - we were pre-warned.
    I knew that opening and shutting the fridge door in this time would not be wise, so I kept out what I thought I might need.
    At the end of the day, when the power came back on, I checked, and all inside the freezer remained frozen hard.
    Fortunately, the weather was still very cool that day.

    Hubby likes the show, but got sick of the continual re-runs.

  7. THose types of things ruin a Sit Com for me as well...I have to learn to let it go and appreciate the comedy.

  8. Marty Damon; I think they have family back there they want to be closer too.

    Andrew; at least she will be close enough to visit if I ever get enough $$$ together.
    I didn't like the job much, but if I hadn't become injured I might have stayed on, purely for the paydays of course. Not until I was 83 though.

    Elephant's Child; I'll start a savings plan and eventually when I'm on my way to Tassie, I'll drop Angel at your place, he can 'play' with Jazz and Jewel while I visit J (*~*)

    Lee; I'm pretty sure they have family they're going back to. I love The Big Bang Theory, it's hilarious.

    Snoskred; I don't know anyone who has moved to or back from Tasmania, I know a few who have holidayed there and they all say it's wonderful. I know people who live there and say they would never leave. I don't know that I'd be hardy enough to live there, I like to think I would be, but they get snow down there and I never want to be that cold.

    Vicki; I hope to eventually visit, but it won't be soon. I'm not sure when she is going, they are waiting for their house to sell.
    Good that you were pre-warned about the power outage, we often are too, so I can plan to leave the freezer closed and drink tea instead of coffee, because I don't put milk in tea. Unplanned outages are a nuisance, but the same "tea instead of" plan gets carried out.
    I haven't watched any of the reruns for a long time, I know the show well enough by now.

    Joeh; Mostly I just watch and laugh, I'm able to let things go, but sometimes I find myself yelling uselessly at the TV anyway.

  9. I was amused re the fridge door being opened, but as you say, it's the fun of watching them.
    Oh my, not nice to lose a friend to Tasmania - but you could visit and then I could visit you here in Tasmania :)

  10. MY very first job was in woolworthes many many years ago and I got the sack never tried for coles, guess I was not the right stuff for retail.

  11. Margaret-whiteangel; it's going to be a long while before I can visit Tassie.

    Merle; turns out I was really good at the job, but I hated it.


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