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you get lost and find a better one.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

ginger up your life

I love lazy Saturdays.

They're the middle of my long weekends, and nothing much needs to be done.

Which leaves plenty of time for the little things.

Like sitting in the sun finishing the book I'm reading, so I can lend it to no-one.

Pulling out the beans that weren't producing anything but whitefly.
Pulling out the tomatoes that weren't producing anything at all.

and this.....processing the chunk of fresh ginger I'd bought yesterday.



Spoon into an ice cube tray.


Each cube holds around a teaspoonful, usually the perfect pre-measured amount for any recipe.

I could just buy a jar of grated "fresh" ginger, but where's the fun in that?


  1. Aha! Paragraph separation!
    Let's hope I remember how I did this....

  2. Yummo. Fresh ginger. Teemed with garlic. Drool.

  3. oooh I hadn't thought of freezing ginger like that. thanks River :)

  4. River I love to pour boiling water onto fresh ginger, add some honey and drink. Yum..O!

  5. Toni; by tomorrow I bet I've forgotten how I did it. When I work it out again I'll be writing down step-by-step instructions for myself.

    Elephant's Child; yes, with garlic, honey and sesame as a marinade for chicken.

    Kim; I freeze lots of stuff like this, crushed or grated garlic, sometimes onion, but it's not good for frying when thawed, only for marinades or casseroles. I'll often make a larger batch of marinade sauce and freeze it in portion sizes.

    Chez; I do that too, sometimes with a squeeze of lemon juice added. In the summer let the same drink get cold and add ice cubes.

  6. What a good idea. Just thinking if we have the freezer space. Haha, every sentence is a new paragraph. One extreme to the other, but very readable now.

  7. Andrew; you don't need much freezer space for an ice cube tray.