Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Friday, April 8, 2011

lunch with no-one, but not by myself

What I usually do on Fridays is sleep in a bit, wash and hang a load of clothes, and head in to town to have lunch with K.

Sometimes I'll go in too early and mooch around the shops, dreaming of things I'd like to buy; if I only had a mansion to put them in, sometimes I'll go in just in time for lunch, then hang around after and shop, maybe take a few photos.

Today was different. I woke up with a north-wind headache, very heavy between and behind non-focussing eyes, with the back of the head feeling a bit like a balloon. So I took a couple of antihistamines and panadols and hoped they'd work before lunchtime. Usually they do, sometimes not....

This particular type of headache is a sinus/hayfever thing brought about by hot winds from the north bringing pollens from inland grasses and wildflowers.
Hence the name; north-wind headache.

I didn't hang around in town, instead heading straight to the bus stop to come home. I arrived at my stop just in time to see my bus heading off down the road, so I turned back and went into Haighs.

and bought these....

the dark chocolate coated one is a mandarin cream;
the milk chocolate coated one with the gold coloured bean on top is a coffee cream;
the shiny red wrapped one is a cherry liqueur

Mmmmm, chocolate heaven.

As soon as I got home I had coffee with loads of sugar, (because I've found it helps with this type of headache), then had a two hour nap, waking up with a clear head, in time for my physio appointment.

Now the wind has turned and is coming from the west, so tomorrow I'll be fine.


  1. After missing a bus, turning around and heading for Haighs sounds very wise.

  2. If only you'd decided to go to Haighs while you were still with me, I could have bought some delicious chocolate too.

  3. Andrew, it's a common occurence, Haighs is right by my stop.

    no-one; I didn't decide, that's the ting it was spur of the moment stuff after missing the bus.

  4. Now look what you've done once again you've got my sweet tooth crying out for chocolate so i'll just have to go out and buy a chocolate easter egg Yummmmmmy :-).

  5. If Haighs was just by my stop I would have to get off the bus earlier. Mmmmm chocolate

  6. ohhhhh yummy!!!!!!
    I get storm headaches...........not fun.
    hope you are feeling better today!!

  7. Windsmoke; my sweet tooth is wishing I'd bought more than one of each.

    Elephant's Child; I don't think that would work for me, the next stop is close enough to still walk there.

    peskypixies; much better. It's raining here, so no pollens at all.

  8. I hope the choccie fix did the trick.

    When I was a kid and had to catch two buses to get back home from school, my "city" bus stop was by the Beehive Corner and we would drool over the chocolate displays at Haighs and Darrel Lea. I must have outgrown that, because now I don't really care for chocolate. Which gives my husband great joy as he is the ultimate chocolatarian and can have it all for himself.

    But if that bus stop was by a nice cheese shop or continental deli, well... now you're talking!

  9. Oh River, I even know the bus stop you were at - on Grenfell Street. And boy oh boy did I make a few trips into that Haigh's store as I 'waited' for my bus....!

    I reckon it was your perfect selection of three flavours that helped your headache. And coffee. When Mr Migraine visits, often a strong cup gives me an hour or two's 'grace' before I have to head to bed and darkness.

  10. Is there anything better than Haighs? I'm back in Adelaide in June and you've just reminded me of what I need to add to my "must do" list.

    Just found your blog and have become your latest follower.