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Thursday, April 7, 2011


I've been seeing advertisements on TV for MacDonald's Texas Barbecue Chicken Skewers. On TV the family is sitting around the table eagerly awaiting their dinner that grandma has cooked so lovingly, while grandma is in the kitchen plating up chicken skewers that grandpa has just brought in from MacDonalds.
They look quite nice, so last night I walked up to my local Macca's to buy my dinner.

This is what I bought. A pack of three chicken skewers and fries.
(I try to call them chips, but to me, chips are fatter and wrapped in butchers paper with a battered fish fillet...)

The box the skewers come in has a pull-and-zip doo-hickey, so opening the box and getting them out is easy and mess free.

This last photo was taken with the flash, so the skewers look more golden brown than they really are. In reality they are the darker brown of smokey barbecue sauce.
They are also smaller than they appear in the TV advertisements. This plate here is not a dinner plate, it's a bread and butter plate, (side plate for all American readers.)
In spite of their small size, the three pack was enough for me as a meal with the fries and a side dish of frozen peas and corn which was heating in the microwave as I took these photos.

My local Macca's is about eight minutes walk from my house, so by the time I got home, the meal had cooled a bit, okay if I was giving it to a child, but for me, next time I'd be putting it in a hot oven to get properly hot again while I microwaved the vegetables.

As a quick and easy occasional meal, I'd say these are reasonable value for money. Three skewers are $4.95.


  1. Maybe I should have chosen those at my McDonald's visit today. What I had was atrocious. Ranty post coming.

  2. Oh, I'm off to read Andrew's rant - but it's good to see Macca's branching out!! But I'll know they've REALLY done it when I can go there for a full Asian smorgasbord!!

  3. Andrew; I haven't eaten anything from Macca's for years. The stuff is just not worth the trip.

    Red Nomad OZ; I'll have to read it tomorrow, my eyes won't stay open a minute longer..zzzzzzz

  4. I'll have to give them a try

  5. Never liked maccas very tastless and boring, not only that but it's heart attack food with amount of saturated fat it's cooked in yuk! :-(.

  6. I have to admit that when I have a Maccas craving it's for the fries. The rest of their food (the 'usual' or the newer stuff) I can gladly miss. I'm sure your own home-made skewers would be better, River.

  7. no-one; try a small pack of three in case you don't like them; or you can buy one for $1.95.

    Windsmoke; I agree, but thought I'd try the chicken skewers.

    Kath; I've already decided to make my own. Went grocery shopping today and bought chicken fillets and a bottle of smoky barbecue sauce. I found the fries to be too salty.

  8. L love maccas.
    The strange thing is - these chicken skewers are not available in Melb maccas! Do you have the fancy Angus burgers and Smancy chicken burgers?