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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

pasta pasta pasta

After my physio appointment this afternoon, I was walking along the Parade on my way home, when I suddenly got sucked into this takeaway pasta shop.
pasta go go (their bold, not mine)
Real Italian (it's written right there on the card)

where I bought this for my dinner.
Spinach ravioli with napolitana sauce. And cheese. Mmmmm......

Look how full this is! They really pack it in there.
The container measures about 10cm high by 8-9cm square and the food comes with a little plastic fork wrapped in a paper napkin.
I could only eat about half, so Yay! I have dinner for tomorrow night too!


  1. I wonder what they mean by "Real Italian"? I'm often curious about what marketers are trying to say. Made in Italy? Made by an Italian?

    Regardless, that looks like a very generous serve - and yum, I love spinach ravioli. Although I love to cook, I do sometimes miss the convenience of picking up a decent take-away. I used to like to stop at Sammm's on The Parade for a yiros or The Black Olive Café on Kensington Road for something a bit nicer on my way home from work.

    Alas, in my new life, the nearest take away is about 15 kms away and it costs a bomb for food that I wouldn't even serve to Tony Abbott.

  2. I read this with interest as I wonder how I would survive if I did not have someone to cook for me. Much the same as you do I expect. Bought meals and basic home cooking.

  3. You had my mouth watering all the way up to the last photo then disappointment, it looks like a yellow blob in a box, i hope you didn't pay a small fortune for a yellow blob in a box :-).

  4. Blogger hates me and has this morning swallowed two comments on this post.
    The pasta looked good, and I love the bonus of an extra meal.

  5. Toni; it is very good!

    Marie; Perhaps they mean real Italian style. I do know that a couple of the young staff members are Italian. I can't believe there is no decent takeaway there? Everybody cooks at home then?

    Andrew; the basic home cooking does me quite well especially the freezer full of leftovers in meal sized portions. But now and again a takeaway is great when I don't feel like cooking or reheating.

    Windsmoke; the yellow is just the melted cheese on the top. Under that is a generous serve of ravioli in tomato based sauce. it's really nice and I don't think I paid too much since I've got two meals out of it.

    Elephant's Child; Blogger is being naughty all over the blogosphere apparently. I always have bonus meals, because I'm used to cooking for four kids, so there's always leftovers in the freezer. Sometimes I go a whole fortnight without cooking new stuff, just microwaving leftovers.

  6. My social worker niece cooked me a social worker lasagna one time. Vegetarian of course, but surprisingly good.

    Marie can hop down to Italy any old time. Sure wish I could do that.

  7. Ah, exotic places with exotic packaging. Makes me think I should get out more. Come to think of it a free "companion" airline ticket came today as my reward for getting a new credit card, so maybe I will.

  8. R.H. I haven't made a lasagna in a couple of years. I might make one this weekend, there's room in the freezer.

    Snowbrush; free ticket? Well done!

  9. The Swedes don't really do take-aways. It's just a different culture and climate. In winter, which is about 9 months of the year, who can be fagged dressing in 97 layers of clothes and fight blizzards and polar bears to get a take away.

    And then they tend to eat a cooked meal at lunchtime. That habit starts at pre-school, then continues with hot school dinners and again in the workplace. Most restaurants have a "lunch menu" that has something hot covered in gravy for a reasonable (by Swedish standards) price.

    So they eat light meals at night and often shop daily for what they need on the way home from work. Which would drive me nuts - I shop monthly and top up with fresh stuff as needed.

    But yes, no convenience food here. No KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway, Fasta Pasta or Chinese, Greek, Lebanese or Indian take aways. You can get pizza as a take away, but it's very expensive and not like any pizza you've ever seen (care for a curry and banana pizza?)

  10. I'm going to be very very naughty here and say that the last photo didn't whet my appetite.

    HOWEVER I know from experience that photographing food is bloody hard and that it often tastes better in real life...?