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Thursday, April 21, 2011

shop till you drop

Shopping today was a little hectic.

I expected the store to be busy, with the Easter break coming up, but I didn't think it would be full on quite so early in the morning. I started my shift at 6am, by 7am the store was full of shoppers.

It was like Christmas, and you all remember what Christmas shopping is like....

For the first time in a long time, (well, since Christmas), we had more than two main checkouts open. And by the time I left work, all open checkouts had lines of people waiting. The express lanes had the longest line, that's always the way, so many people come in just to buy office Easter Eggs, and use the quickest lanes.

The main checkouts all had two or three trolleys waiting in line and they were filled to overflowing.
I sold more Easter Eggs today than I have in the last month.

I remember one woman who bought what seemed to be half the store. As I was finalising the transaction and handing over her receipt, I jokingly said, "that should keep you going for a day or two".
She gave me a look that said I'm not kidding as she said "the way my boys eat, I'll be lucky if this does last two days". So I asked how old the boys were. Three teenagers, plus a cousin for the holidays.
Hmmm, maybe she should have bought extra.....

You know what was the best part? Everybody was happy.
No-one complained about having to wait too long in line.
No-one complained about lack of supplies on the shelves.
There were good vibes right throughout the store.
Absolutely everyone bought Easter Eggs with their groceries.
Lots of Easter Eggs.
One executive type bought 60 Lindt Bunnies to hand out to his office staff.

One lovely man said "I'm not a chocoholic, truly I'm not" as he loaded the checkout with half a dozen boxed Easter Eggs and quite a few Lindt Bunnies.
My reply? "So these are all for me then?" And we both laughed.

I only did the four hour shift I'm allowed, but as I walked upstairs to my locker, I was, not quite exhausted, but close to it.
It was full on "hi, how are you?" Scan, pack, scan, pack; with barely a minute in between to wipe off the conveyor belt. (I do like to keep it clean).

I was careful to take it easy and not pack the bags too full, I'm happy to say that the shoulder, neck and back are all holding up well.


  1. Ha! I KNEW the argument about selling Easter stuff from just after New Year because the customers demanded it was a furphy!!!

    Enjoy your break!!

  2. Pleased to hear you keep your belt clean. Nothing worse than a dirty belt. Do you know half the population panic buy today because the supermarkets are closed tomorrow? The other half turn up tomorrow, look at the sign on the closed door, scratch their heads, and then slowly amble back to their cars with a face that says the world has gone wrong. They are quite amusing to watch.

  3. Red Nomad; you're right, it isn't customer demand at all. Customers buy because the stuff is there, supermarkets know this and put it out early and the cycle is perpetuated. Deleted the rest of this because I think it will work as a blog post...

    Andrew; The panic buying makes me laugh. We're open on Saturday....

  4. So pleased that you and your body are treating each other kindly. Have a lovely Easter.

  5. I've never really understood the siege mentality of Australians at Easter time - the last minute panic buying as though there was never going to be food for sale again. A friend I was talking to today said that she just popped into Marion to pick up some blue balloons for something she's organising tomorrow. It took her 40+ minutes to get through the shopping centre surrounds and she never got out of her car. The traffic jam in the car park was that bad.

    But how lovely that everyone was in a cheerful mood and that you survived the day mentally and physically. I hope you have a fabulous Easter - and gobble a Cadbury Creme egg for me :-)

  6. Glad to hear your back neck and shoulders are holding up. Happy Easter to you and your family :-).

  7. Coles Williamstown (Vic) has nine checkouts operating until late at night when it's down to one. The store was gutted and enlarged five years ago and the car park tripled in size but it's still not enough sometimes. There's a high tech toilet in there now where you press a button to go in and the door opens, people were reluctant to use it at first thinking maybe the door could be opened from outside and they'd be seen sitting on the throne. Dogs are allowed in the front part of the store which is a surprise to me since dogshit on footpaths gets them all hysterical around here. And yes there was a mighty crush yesterday: two days shopping in one.
    Happy Easter, you funny thing.

  8. Nice to hear people were in good moods.

    Took DH over 30 mins to get home from the next suburbs with the Easter traffic.
    busy busy busy!!!