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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Selections #12

Sunday Selections is brought to us by Kim, from Frogpondsrock.
The idea is to bring to light any old photos from your files that haven't yet been seen by anyone other than yourself.

To join in simply choose and post your photos under the Sunday Selections title, link back to Kim, then go on over to Frogpondsrock, add your name to the linky list and leave a comment there on Kim's post.

For this week, I've chosen twisted things.

Twistie tie, holding my phone charger cord neatly

Chip packet, twisted to exclude air (and creepy crawlies)

Tightly twisted

Technically a braid, but the ribbons need to be twisted to form that braid

Another one which is a braid rather than a twist

Fence wire twisted to hold tight

Last year's tendril


  1. these are fab, River... I LOVE your photos!

  2. I love your interpretation and attention to detail for noticing so many things that were twisted...I would have taken a picture of my mother in law. HA! Just kidding.

    I like the plant with the twisty vine the best.

  3. Your images are always so interesting and I love the themes you manage to pull together - such varied items all under a similar theme, very clever :)

  4. Love them to twisted pieces. Thank you.

  5. Toni; thank you.

    Jennifer; my mum-in-law is bit twisted too. My garden is full of tendrils like that.

    gaby; it's amazing how many things fall under the same "blanket"

    Elephant's Child; ha ha "twisted" pieces.

  6. I like your twisted theme, River! I"m going to play this week too!

  7. The tendril twist is my favourite because it shows that mother nature is still alive and well in the garden :-).

  8. River, I would never think to put together so many disparate images and find a common theme, like you did. So creative. Love the tendrils.

  9. I love this theme-so very diverse and beautiful

  10. hehe great photos river. I see you like original chippies as well :)

  11. What a great selection of photos for that theme. Love the tendrils.

  12. Oooh fence wire :) lovely! Love the tendril, it's a really strong image.

  13. Kath; I saw your excellent post and I'm glad you've joined in.

    Windsmoke; garden photos are great, I can go out every day and see something new.

    Wanderlust; I never thought of myself as creative until I got the camera.

    Shae; thank you.

    frogpondsrock; I get a craving for chippies about once every two years.

    learncreatdo; thanks, tendrils are one of my favourite things.

    sleepydwarf; I spotted that fence twist on the way to work one day and had to stop and photograph it. (My camera goes everywhere with me now)

  14. They are great River - I particularly like the colour of the ribbons.

  15. Yep time to joint in I think. Perhaps after April. Love the macro shots.

  16. Choose a theme an excellent idea! Feeling a bit twisted myself lately ;~)

  17. What about Twisties themselves, those yellow critters they sell in a packet?

    When you come to Melbourne we'll do the twist in Brunswick Street, just to upset all the croissant eaters.


  18. Nineteen comments.

    Good heavens, who do you think you are.

  19. Beet; I made that braid myself, now I can't remember how.

    Baino; macros are great, I love getting in close to see details normally not noticed.

    Cherie; feeling a little twisted? Sit, put your feet up, unwind.

    Jayne; thanks.

    R.H. the twist in Brunswick Street? Woo-hoo! Street party!

    R.H. no thinking involved; I know who I am.

  20. Great theme for this week! I think your braids are worthy of a place, but my favourite is the twisty wire!

  21. Very creative theme. I'm particularly drawn to the tendrils - they remind me of my sultana grape vine during growing season. And you actually get to reseal the chip packet? You have more self control tham me!

  22. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!