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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Selections #13

Sunday Selections is a meme brought to us by Kim of frogpodsrock.
(Apologies to Kim, for some reason I'm unable to create the link back).
The idea is to post unviewed photos that are hiding in your folders.
I generally work to a theme, but you don't have to, random photos are fine.
To join in, post photos under the Sunday Selections title, link back to Kim at Frogpondsrock, then go to Kim's site and add your name to the link list.

This week's theme is Looking Up.

Stairway to heaven?
A couple of buildings in Adelaide's Grenfell Street.

Also in Grenfell Street.
I like the way the tall and straight is balanced with gentle curves.

the top of the same building.

A string of Christmas Lights way up on a 16th floor.

This is the inside of the Myer Centre in Adelaide's Rundle Mall.
The netting was installed after someone jumped off the top balcony.

These next three images were taken from the ferry as we passed under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

I hope you've enjoyed these images and please, join us in this meme.


  1. Love them. You are truly a poet with your camera River. Thanks. I particularly like the straight edges teamed with the curves.

  2. I like looking up when I am in a large city, I really enjoyed these River, thanks heaps. and dont worry about the broken link :)

  3. I also enjoy looking up when I'm in a city - there's quite a different perspective and often a quite different life going on a few floors above street level.

    I am very drawn to the soft curves on the building (is that the one across from Adelaide Arcade - I'm trying to place it in my memory). It softens the whole structure and makes it so much more appealing.

  4. Elephant's Child; thank you, what a lovely compliment.

    frogpondsrock; skylines intrigue me. The linky thing is bugging me and I can't do the bold and italic thing either, very annoying!

    Marie; yes, that's the one, it's quite pretty isn't it?

  5. When I was in Sydney the other week I was really wishing I didn't have 2 backpacks with me so I could take some photos of the buildings. Architecture intrigues me & I am looking forward to wandering Ballarat in a couple of weeks as they have some lovely buildings there.

    I love the first two, particularly the second. The shape of the balconies is quite hypnotic.

  6. I'm not a fan of modern architecture, and yet when you take detail shots it somehow looks most appealing! I like the curves one too!

  7. I did last week, River, but blogger is making paragraphing - let alone the spacing between photos - an absolutely nightmare. It took about 5 hours and twenty tries to post last weeks'!

    Your photos are nice though - I remember an ad for breakfast radio in the early noughties using the Grenfell Street building as an enormous toaster!

  8. It's all Lego, except the bridge.

  9. Hi River,

    Seeing the bridge brought back memories.




  10. amandab; could you perhaps make use of a railway station locker the next time? Stash the bags safely, wander around with the camera, then retrieve the bags. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos of Ballarat.

    Jay; thank you. Curves do have a way of relaxing things don't they?

    Kath; I seem to have the paragraph thing sorted now, but for the life of me I can't remember what I did to get them back. Something in the settings/formatting...
    Now that you point it out, it does look a little like a toaster...

    Plasman; good memories I hope.

  11. Thanks for that, River. One tick for me for remembering SOMETHING. I should know the building as I parked hesps of time in the Wyatt St car park. It doesn't look as much like a toaster as those Bennelong Apartments at Circular Quay :-) I like the curves. I always hated the fact that the Festival Centre plaza area was all so angular and somehow unfriendly.