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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Selections # 14

Kim, of Frogpondsrock, has brought us this wonderful idea, called Sunday Selections.
Like Kim, I have many photos stored in folders (and folders within folders)on my computer.

Sunday Selections is a way of using these photos.

Anyone can join in, by posting photos they've stored but never used, under the Sunday Selections title and linking back to Kim.
Then go to Kim's site, add your name to her link list and leave a comment under the post there.

You can make a theme, as I often do, or use random photos of whatever takes your fancy.

This week, my theme is Wheels.

The wheels on this flower sellers cart are often seen in Norwood Mall.

Driving wheels (by Jimmy Barnes-a favourite song), you'll find these on every car, taking us away or bringing us home.

Have you ever noticed hubcaps? Once upon a time a cap was a cap was a cap, now there are so many different styles.

The wheels on the bus go round and round..

The wheels on bulk transport vehicles are large and often fitted in twos...

...and threes

Wheels with Attitude

Fun wheels

Racing wheels

Motorbike wheels

These wheels make taking our garbage to the kerb each week so much easier.

Miniature wheels

A sight not often seen in cities, the windmill wheel.

There are even...

...wheels to help us shop.

Don't forget to visit Kim at frogpondsrock to see who else has joined in and look at what they've posted for their Sunday Selections.


  1. Where would we be without the humble wheel? We all think we'd die without electricity but I think we'd miss wheels more.

  2. Love it. Though not sure that trolley wheels are a help. The trolleys I get all seem to have wheels that want to work independently of each other.

  3. The first thing I though of when I saw Wheels was The wheels on the bus go round and round" :-) And my brothers doing wheelies, of course.

    Toni is right - where would we be without wheels? Something we take for granted, so it's great to be reminded again of how much we rely on them. And can I ask when they are going to invent a supermarket trolley where all four wheels go in the same direction at the same time? I get RSI from trolley wrestling every week.

  4. Great shots River. I"m not sure that I agree that wheels help us shop - I'm guaranteed to get the trolley with one wheel that is determined to stay stuck in the wrong direction :)

  5. Oh how my mind wanders. You post a series of photos called wheels and I think of Wheels from Degrassi Junior High ( There is something wrong with how my mind works!
    Great collection by the way.

  6. Cool shots River. I love the bus one, that bus looks very bright & colourful.

  7. Were those little cars the colour change ones that go a different colour when you put them in the freezer and then change back as they heat up?

  8. Toni; that's a toss-up, wheels or electricity? I'd hate to be without both.

    Elephant's Child; trolleys were invented by men. They don't see the problem because they have the upper body strength to manouvre them.

    Marie; make your husband push it. Or turn the trolley sideways and push it along. I've done that and it does roll a bit easier.

    Kath; they do help a bit, imagine carrying that amount of groceries around the store....

    myrelish; welcome to drifting. I don't remember Degrassi Junior High, I'm a bit too old for that.

    sleepydwarf; most of our Adelaide buses are that colour, with blue and red on them.

    no-one; no, they're just regular matchbox cars that I keep in case any little kids visit.

    Kim; thanks, I enjoyed your photos too.

  9. A very thorough exploration of the theme!

  10. I can imagine sitting here with my youngest nephew and how excited all these photos would have him! I love the wheels with attitude :)

  11. One of man's most useful inventions! And you found us some most interesting examples. The flower seller's cart looks as if it's been made of a garden centre cart, castors from a shopping cart, and a bicycle!

  12. tattytiara; welcome to drifting. I'm all about the details.

    amandab; I'm reminded of my grandson when he was tiny. If it had wheels, he wanted it.

    Jay; it's a very interesting looking cart. I suspect it was custom made.

  13. There was a windmill near Heidi's school last year. She loved to watch it turn, although she was not much a fan of the rusty creaking noise it made. :)