Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

totally tired tuesday ramblings

Nothing exciting here...

Today I've been back on checkout duties for two days.

Coming home yesterday, I was surprised to realise that not a single part of me was aching. After an easy four hours manning the checkout, I was feeling pretty good.
I spent the afternoon cooking, vacuumed the floor, read a gazillion blogs, posted on my own.
And the computer behaved itself, only froze once.

The same easy four hours, a nice walk home, then waves of tiredness.
I'm sitting here yawning my head off.
Guess I shouldn't have vacummed the floor yesterday.....

Anyway, several of my regular early morning customers have welcomed me back, which is nice, but I'd forgotten completely about one of them.
The smoker. You can smell him coming as soon as he clears the doors. The reek of stale and fresh smoke comes off him and his clothing in waves.
I suspect he wears the clothes 24/7 and smokes the whole time.
I'm not judging his lifestyle, (I have my own quirks), I'm just very glad that I've remembered to keep an inhaler in my locker.

There's been a couple of new things introduced while I was away from the checkout, new, smaller, receipt printers, a new brand of cigarettes, and a rearranging of the cigarettes in the shelves. The last is the most annoying change. We all get used to the layout and can find the brands the customers are asking for pretty quickly. Then a company rep comes in and all or most brands get moved around.
So we have to memorise the new locations again.
Or spend quite a few minutes searching for the ---25's, or the ------ 20 packs, only to find that we no longer carry the 20 that particular strength.
This is unfortunate if the customer only has enough cash for that size packet and we then search the shelves for something he/she will accept and can afford.
At least the cigarettes don't get rearranged as often as the grocery shelves. Looking for this item? It's in the same aisle as before, just at the other end. Looking for something else? It's in aisle ---, just like before, but in the middle now, not near the end.

Enough about work, although I am enjoying being back on the checkout.

Later today, I have another physio appointment, then home for a quick sandwich, and then....

THEN....I'm off to the ABC building.

To do an interview with Peter Goers about the Aussie Bloggers Conference.
It's been just over a couple of weeks and already I've forgotten so much that went on.
How am I going to talk on a subject that now feels like it was a dream?
I'll take a few notes along and hope that Peter doesn't want a minute by minute account of the day.
Because really, the parts I remember most clearly are the flights there and back and the Sunday afternoon on a ferry on the harbour.
The conference day is a blurred memory of new faces, motivating speeches, and food.


  1. Hey, if you think product positioning changes are hard for staff, try being a customer!!! If you get stuck during your interview, just say 'I'm glad you asked me that ...' while you think of an answer!! Good luck!!

  2. Red; I'm often a customer, and I understand their frustration.

  3. Blogger ate my first comment. So glad that your first few days back at the check out were OK even if tiring. Good luck tomorrow. River the mult-media star! Yay.

  4. So glad your first couple of day were good.

    Good luck with your interview!

  5. Elephant's Child; Blogger does get quite hungry sometimes....ha ha at multi media star!

    peskypixies; I'm told the interview went quite well, although I felt a little awkward at the time. Not sure why, since I've done this before...

  6. Kath; possibly it went well, Peter and Elk both said so, but I feel I flubbed it quite a bit.
    Peter did say I write very well though and I said that's because writing is easier than talking because there's more time to choose your words and organise your thoughts.

  7. squeee!!! and interview. How exciting, When will it be on the radio? is there a link?