Angel's Antics

I found these photos from about a month ago, maybe two, I've lost track.

see this bathroom drain cover?

it belongs here!

That pesky little furball sweet kitty Angel, has learned how to remove it.

I couldn't believe it! So one day after replacing it, I sat with my camera waiting and watching and sure enough, he came along and did it again.

sizing up the problem...

turning the cover and giving it a yank every now and again

sometimes gripping it with his teeth

until off it comes. Angel tosses it aside and tries to reach....

that awful murky water down there. He'll push his paw in right up to the shoulder a few times,

then he'll give up and walk away.

I started counting ping pong balls whenever I got home from anywhere and saw the drain cover off, in case he'd rolled any in there. Then I realised they'd float and I could see them if any were down the drain.
Then one day I got home to find the cover off and little wet paw prints all around it.
Angel can reach the water now! 
So glad I don't have carpet.


  1. Little dickens...amazing the things they find to amuse themselves with.

  2. Makes me want a cat and makes me glad I don't have a cat, all at the same time!

  3. And I'm amazed at how CLEAN your drain is. Mine is all full of hair.

  4. Sometimes they are way too smart for our own good.

  5. It is quite amazing that he worked that out. If he can manage that, there is much he could work out. Be afraid.

  6. Cats are too clever by half, but I'll give Angel three quarters.

  7. Cats are such a hoot! I love watching them.

  8. Sounds like Angel is a genius cat!!

  9. Two of my drain covers have bath mats on top of them. The little Kitty is obsessed with removing the mats from on top of the drains.

    The past couple of weeks, she has learned how to jump to places she had not been able to reach before. I have to totally rethink everything npw because she is not a bright bulb and would probably stick her face in a candle flame and burn off her whiskers, and I can't leave anything hot unattended on the counter anymore.

    This did give me an excuse to buy some very cute candle lanterns from Kmart for $7 each.

  10. Delores; I've no idea how he even realised the covers come off.

    joeh; I understand perfectly.

    Happy Christine; any hair is removed as soon as I finish showering. It's such a bad drain clogger I hate to let any wash down into the drain.

    Elephant's Child; I'm having trouble staying one step ahead.

    Andrew; he's working on dismantling the back porch enclosure, one shred of wood glue at a time.

    Joanne; three quarters sounds about right.

    Carol Kilgore; welcome to drifting. I'm waiting for him to be at the sleep-in-the-window-all-day stage.

    fishducky; too smart for me, for sure.

    Snoskred; Angel knows how to push mats aside, but in the bathroom, my mat is white, so I don't leave it on the floor to get dirty. I've shoved Angel away from the heater a few times, his fur is so thick and long he doesn't feel how hot he is getting and I don't want him to learn by bursting into flame.
    Angel jumps quite high, getting up onto things and I'm surprised he hasn't yet got up onto the kitchen counter, he could easily if he wanted. Maybe he knows that's one place completely forbidden.

  11. Hahahahahaha! What a great game!

  12. Angel's gone fishing. Clever boy :)


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