there's no going back now

It's far too late to change my mind.

For those who have been reading here, I'm having a colonoscopy tomorrow.
Yesterday I started the limited foods, today I've had a light breakfast only, with nothing but approved liquids for the rest of the day.
PLUS: two doses of a bowel emptying drink. Empty the sachet into 250ml of water, drink gradually but completely.

It's like drinking the contents of your salt shaker!

Second dose four hours from now.

Tomorrow I have to get down a full litre of a different liquid. Before heading to the hospital.


  1. Good luck. I will have fingers, toes and eyes crossed for you.

  2. The colonoscopy itself is simple & painless--it's the prep that sucks!!

  3. Sounds horrible. I wish you luck and will be thinking of you.

  4. Phil has had at least 6 colonoscopies and I've had 2 and we've both had endoscopies too. (not sure about spelling of that one).
    It is definitely the preparation that sucks. The sheer boredom of it and THAT taste. Your prep sounds a little different to ours but all doctors tend to vary it a little.
    All the best and hope the result is the one you are hoping for. It is wise to continue having these checks if there are any doubts at all.
    Look forward to hearing the good news as soon as you have the result. Our specialist tells us within about 2 hours of the procedure (before we leave the hospital) which is always great.
    Thoughts with you.

  5. And then it will be over and they won't want you back for five years. Tell Angel not to be underfoot today.

  6. River
    I hear they're a blast. Sorry I couldn't help myself. I've never had one but I hear they are very helpful. Good luck.

  7. Best of luck, River. Will be thinking of you.

  8. Elephant's Child; you type really well for someone with everything crossed.

    fishducky; that's what I've heard.

    Merle; all went well, see next post.

    Delores; those liquids are so very salty, it's like running down to the beach and swallowing half the ocean.

    Mimsie; that taste is the worst thing I ever put in my mouth! See the next post for the good news.

    Joanne; Angel behaved very well. He watched me shuddering as I swallowed each mouthful and followed me to the bathroom where he only tried to steal the toilet paper once.

    Manzanita; helpful in finding problems before they become insurmountable, or finding absolutely nothing wrong.

    Vicki; thanks, see the next post for the news.


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