Wednesday's Words on a Friday

On Wednesdays, Delores, from Under The Porch Light, has a meme which she calls

“Words for Wednesday”.

She puts up a selection of six words which we then use in a short story, or a poem.

I’m hopeless at poetry so I always do a story.

It’s a fun challenge…why not join in?

This week's words are:

1. intensity
2. grammatical
3. unctuous
4. bliss
5. investigator
6. hemisphere

or: "the pointed peaks of Proctor's Pass rose sharp and jagged like spears of glass". 

Here is my story: 

As far as eleven year old Sonia was concerned, Kyle was the smarmiest, most unctuous, (she was quite proud of herself for knowing this word), boy in fourth grade, possibly in the whole southern hemisphere

Kissing up to the teachers, bringing apples and bananas from his dad's shop,making them all believe he was such a good student, so very, very polite and helpful in class. 
He was a creep, that's what he was. Cheating during math, copying from Brian who sat next to him. Away from the classroom, outside of school grounds, he bullied most of the other kids, the ones who really knew their work, into checking his notes, his homework, making sure his essays were grammatically correct, going over his math, so that he could hand in perfect homework. 

Sixth grader Sonia had discovered this when she was pretending to be an investigator for the police. It was a game she liked to play, she hoped one day to be an investigative reporter for TV news programs. 
Sonia had been taking notes, asking questions of the fourth graders, what it was like being in fourth grade, did they like their teacher, their classmates, was the work easy or hard, that sort of thing. 
More than a few of them had confessed to being bullied by Kyle. 

Here was a real investigation!

Sonia followed up her questioning with an intensity that surprised even herself. She gathered evidence, even taping some of the conversations with the kids in Kyle's class. She asked them to deliberately leave mistakes in Kyle's homework book, to tell him his work was fine and didn't need correcting, so he would be uncovered. 
She feverishly imagined her bliss at seeing him brought down off his high horse. 


"the pointed peaks of Proctor's Pass rose sharp and jagged like spears of glass". Simon sighed as he tore down yet another painting that didn't live up to the real thing. He cleaned his brushes, packed up the easel and paints and promised himself he would try again tomorrow.


  1. Good for Sonia...I hope that mean little kid meets his Waterloo.

  2. Poor Simon. I have felt that way about some starts and stops when quilting.

  3. Kyle? He will probably go on to be a successful shock jock. Drat it.
    And I feel for Simon. And admire him for continuing.

  4. Well that certainly would've brought Kyle down a notch or three!!

    It's simple, Simon....try, try, try again!

  5. About time Kyle was brought down a peg or two but will he ever realise what a turd he is? Probably not and EC is possible correct in her choice of his future occupation.
    As for Simon. Perhaps he judges himself too harshly and needs someone to encourage him. Hopefully one day he will be good enough to put on his own exhibition.

  6. Delores; Sonia presents the evidence to the principal and Kyle is called into the office where his parents are waiting.

    Susan Kane; Simon switches mediums and has more success eventually.

    Elephant's Child; I hadn't thought of shock jock, I hope Kyle Sandilands doesn't read this.
    Simon switches from watercolours to oils on glass and does really well.

    Lee; Kyle has been in more trouble than just school. His parents get him into counselling and then a private tutor to help him twice a week.
    Simon keeps trying and becomes quite famous for his oils on glass technique.

    Mimsie; Kyle gets the help he needs, but never really overcomes his habit of taking the easy way out.
    Simon just needs to find the right method, watercolours are not for him.


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