Thursday Thoughts #12

another book quote. Actually several quotes cobbled together...

" Your eyes look sunken and bloodshot. Did you sleep last night?"

"What is this thing you speak of-sleep?"

"Sleep is God - Go, worship"

From Death Masks, another of the Harry Dresden series by Jim Butcher.

I made the mistake of walking into a book shop last Saturday, just to have a look, see what's new.
I walked out with two new books, (not sure when I'll find time to read them), turned out to be quite an expensive "look".
What did I buy?
A new Kathy Reichs, Bones Never Lie, a Tempe Brennan forensic mystery
Life or Death by Michael Robotham.
I've never read any of Michael Robotham's books, but this was recommended to me by Mimsie, and when I read the blurb on the back of the book, I had to give it a try.


  1. I try to stay out of bookstores.

  2. I have put a ban on bookstores for the moment.
    And just discovered a short story by Jim Butcher. When my ban is lifted I will explore further.

  3. Bookshops are very tempting.

  4. I've just read 'Bones never Lie' and enjoyed it. I think I've read one of Robothom's and since it's not in the chuck out pile, I've put it aside for a re-read. That's always a good sign.

  5. Delores; me too, but I had some time before I needed to be at the bus stop.

    Elephant's Child; yes, I violated my bookstore ban. Which story?

    Merle; way too tempting.

    JahTeh; I'm looking forward to Bones Never Lie and it's good to hear the Robotham is worth a second read.

  6. A short story called Something Borrowed in My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding. Light weight - but fun.

  7. Sleep is God, go worship.

    Holy cow, that's awesome.


  8. I can never walk into a bookstore an just have a look. I always just come back out with a armful.

  9. Elephant's Child; thanks, I'll see if the library has it.

    Pearl; isn't it just!

    Lee; I used to come out with armfuls, now I can't carry that much and the bank balance won't stand for it either.

  10. Not hear of Jim Butcher before so may give him a try. Always looking for new authors and you and I have similar taste.
    Enjoyed the quotes re sleep, something that is so important to us to keep healthy.
    I am still enjoying Robotham's book and strangely enough I also bought "Bones Never Lie" which I will read next and then James Patterson's "Private India".


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