Angel's Antics

I went trolling (trawling?) through my old files and found these for your enjoyment. 
They are from June, so Angel is younger.

what's this mum? can I play with it?

hmmm. it's okay for sitting on too. I'll chew a little window in this corner.

let's see if it is big enough to climb through.

no, I'll have to come out and try again.

chew, rip, tear.

maybe another one on this side?

nah! I'll keep working on this window.

almost big enough.

wriggle, pull, wriggle some more.

ha ha, I'm out!


the paper bag has been defeated,

and now it shall be destroyed.


  1. A cat never met an unconquerable bag.

  2. Death to all paper bags!!!!
    Very common here too.
    Angel is a charmer.

  3. They do love a good bag.

  4. I love when you run pictures of Angel!!

  5. Like children, they can have so much fun with simple things.

  6. I miss kittens my cats are to old and lazy to be very entertaining but your little fellow is just so cute.

  7. Joanne; cardboard boxes are defeated almost as quickly.

    Elephant's Child; he has a new bag now, I got it for him this morning.

    joeh; it was funny to watch.

    Delores; any bag, as long as it makes noise.

    fishducky; Saturday is the day for it. But I don't have many pictures left.

    Andrew; yes, my kids always got heaps of fun from the boxes things came in.

    Merle; Angel is becoming that way, these days he lies by the front door a lot, just looking out or sleeping.

  8. Now, that's an innocent look on Angel's face...what a little Angel. :)


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