Angel's Antics

Not much in the way of antics, more lazy cat days, so this will be the final Angel's Antics post.
I'll still put up photos occasionally, but most Saturdays now will be rest days for me, just like my Time-Out Tuesdays. 

Aaah! Relaxation time.

there she is with that camera again.

anything going on out there? Nope,

okay, might as well eat dinner.

if I pretend I can't see her, maybe she will go away?

still not looking...

alright,  you can pat me.

now I'd like to sleep if that's okay with you.

you still here? well then, I'll pose nicely one more time, but then you have to go away. Okay? 

And I did. Go away that is.


  1. I will miss my Saturdays with Angel, of course, with you, River. :)

    But I do look forward to photos of him whenever he relents and allows us into his world. :)

  2. All grown up now, what a wonderful tail.

  3. He certainly has a very fine tail. There seems to be as much tail as body.

  4. He is an autocratic charmer. With a wonderful tail.
    And isn't interesting how much they resent their sleep disturbed, and how insistent they become when they think we should be up. Now!

  5. She must get tired dragging that huge fluffy tail around all the time.

  6. Lovely pics. Enjoy chilling out...

  7. Hello River and Angel....
    wow, Angel you are so big now.... I enjoyed seeing your photos today....
    River, I took a blog break for a while ..I got over committed and needed to get my breath back.. I'm glad I did ...
    See you soon...
    Hugs and Blessings... Barb xx

  8. Joanne; I think he has finished growing, finally.

    Lee; It isn't a matter of Angel relenting, it's more that I don't have the camera attached to my hand every minute, so catching a photo when he is doing anything is harder now. Because he spends a lot of time just lying around.

    Merle; he got that tail from his unknown dad I'd say, because his undernourished siblings have started developing bushy tails too, while his mum has a thin tail.

    Andrew; for a while the tail did match his body size, but then he grew a bit longer, a bit taller.

    Elephant's Child; he's quite easy going about being woken up if I need him to move off my bed or chair, but much more 'the boss' when he thinks I should be up. So that I can then watch him sleep!

    joeh; HE doesn't seem to mind it at all. It's very fluffy, but I don't think it is heavy. He has strong, heavy bones, he can handle it.

    Vicki; chilling out, odd term when when summer is almost upon us...but I'm looking forward to having my Saturdays for reading again. I have so many new to me books waiting in stacks.

    Barbara; I was thinking of a blog break, but decided cutting down was a better option. Now I'll have Saturdays as well as Tuesdays to catch up on other stuff. Even if that other stuff is just sleeping and reading. Angel is a very big boy, I think his unknown father must be a Maine Coon, Angel does look so much like the Maine Coon that used to live in these flats, especially in size.

  9. I see what that Angel is up to now. She has grown. Cats always seem eager to pose for pictures. Little camera characters.

  10. Manzanita; Angel is a boy and certainly has grown. He weighs 8 pounds now. He's too used to the camera now, as soon as he sees it he poses or comes to try and lick the lens.

  11. He is such a beauty and those little white feet are adorable. It's amazing how they just take over the home isn't it?

  12. Delores; I love the white feet too and he is much more adorable now that he is settling down more. I think we're getting more used to each other, it's a big change for me to have an inside cat.

  13. That is one beautiful pussy cat you have there and I think he is very proud of that tail of his. We look forward to the occasional pic of Angel or we will miss him. He is just so lovely to look at.
    Candy has just jumped up on my desk. There have been showers today and she gets quite cross about it so has to come and tell me what's happening.


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