I had a message from my younger son yesterday

Seems he has gotten his photo in a local newspaper. 
Not here in Adelaide, but down in Murray Bridge.

He was down there with his dad, celebrating Mother's Day with his Grandma Shirley.
Or so I thought.

Turns out it was a bigger event going on, with more family members present.

Shirley's 90th birthday!
Woo-Hoo! 90!

I'd completely forgotten it was her birthday this month. (We haven't kept in touch.)
Not on Mother's Day, but a few days before.

I asked for and received permission to show the photo here, J said since it is in a newspaper and probably all over Facebook by now, it would be okay.

So here he is, partying with the family:

my boy James with the short beard, and his cousin Luke in grandma's backyard.

(Happy Birthday Shirley.)

The photo isn't as clear as I'd like, I was unable to save the image from the screen, so I took a photo of it.


  1. Happy birthday to Grandma Shirley. That is an accomplishment.

  2. I'll bet James & his Grandma Shirley are proud of each other!!

  3. Hi River, I have an unexpected hour or so free so \i'm using it wisely and catching up on blogs! I hear Murray Bridge is a nice place. Nice boy River :)

  4. Love the smiles on your boy and his cousin.
    And oh, what white teeth.

  5. Ahh...that's lovely, River. I've always liked the name...Murray Bridge. I think it's a great name for a town.

  6. 90 that's a good age hope she had a wonderful time.

  7. ...Hi River..... Happy Mother's day to you ... you have a handsome son... lovely smile... xxxx
    Hugs.. Barb xxx

  8. G'day River,

    Happy birthday to Shirley, A nice photo of your son and his cousin. And a slightly belated Mother's Day to you, my kind friend.

    Gary :)

  9. That is a lovely photo and what a great smile your son has.
    I've seen pictures of Murray Bridge and it is a lovely place.
    90 is quite an achievement and it's great they celebrated it as they did for Shirley.

  10. Joanne; I hope to get to 90+ myself, my own grandma made it to 96.

    fishducky; I certainly hope so. she and I don't keep in touch, so I'm glad K takes James to see her.

    Rose~from OZ; I've lived in Murray Bridge myself for a while, long ago. It is nice there.

    Elephant's Child; they're a smiley family, 99.9% happy. They're good people. All my kids have inherited their teeth from that side of the family and I'm so glad.

    Lee; great name, great town.

    Merle; 90 is a good age and I hope to get there myself. And then keep going.

    Barbara; I'll tell him you think he is handsome :) He's got one of those smiles that make others around him smile too.

    klahanie; thank you :)

    Mimsie; thank you. Murray Bridge is a nice place, I lived there for a while, it's where I met and married K.

  11. *waves* Hello, James!

    It's wonderful to see your son is able to keep up with family events and have such a nice time. :)


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