Whimsical Wednesday #176

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

Hands up now, who would love a sign like this when those annoying salesmen are on the prowl trying to get you to change electricity/phone/gas providers, because "they" think they have a better deal. Hopefully such a sign would also deter those Jehovah's Witnesses who simply do not understand the words "no" or "go away".


  1. We have put a big artistic cross on our front door. I hope that solves the JW.

  2. If only such a sign would ward off telephone calls.

  3. The Great Scot once threatened to make a sign which read "Solicitors, religious people and other freaks: Ring the bell if you wish to be greeted by a naked homeowner with a shotgun!"

  4. Yes.
    Though mind you our attack cat (Jazz of course) has a really loud and impressive growl. A door to door person once asked what type of dog we have. When I said no dog, a cat he very obviously didn't believe me.

  5. I saw a bumper sticker today: My dog has mood swings.

  6. Susan Kane; I can hear them coming as they go to the first flat along the driveway, so I shut my doors and curtains and ignore the knocking. I might make a sign.

    joeh; I don't get any annoying telemarketers now that I no longer have a landline.

    Jac; it's probably the shotgun that's deterring them. Some salesmen might be quite keen to see a naked person.

    Elephant's Child; you could record Jazz and play it back everytime there's a knock at the door. I've heard some people have recordings of vicious attack dogs snarling and slavering and the recording is set to start as soon as someone rings or knocks at the door.

    Joanne; that's a good one.

  7. I've both of my hands in the air...and if it would help (and if I could do so simultaneously)..I'd put my two legs in the air, too!

    I hate unexpected knocking on my door. People always seem to enjoy knocking loudly and at length...and that really gets on my goat! (By the way...I am the original grumpy old woman, you know!) :)

  8. We sit in the back yard and can't hear the doorbell people that know us come around the back, and salesmen just go away.

  9. We have a group of religious people who would ring our doorbell at 9am on weekends. The Other Half would be awakened, grumpy, and offended by the fact that these religious people were dragging their very young kids to knock on doors on a weekend. This never turned out well. Something had to be done, and rather than decorate the front of the house with pentagrams and heavy metal band posters - which was the other halfs preference but unfortunately I suspected the religious people would not take the hint and in fact redouble their efforts! -what I decided was to make a door sign. :)

    It has worked ok so far.

    My door sign states -
    Sales People – Charity Collectors – Politicians
    Religious Evangelists
    Random People We Don't Know :

    Do not knock, do not ring the doorbell.
    Please remove yourself from our property as a matter of urgency.

  10. Lee; you? grumpy? I never would have guessed (*~*)

    Merle; that's a good method too.

    Snoskred; that's a good sign. I've also seen 'forget the dog, beware of homeowner' and 'if you don't know me, don't knock on my door'.
    I like the bumper sticker that reads 'if you can read this you're too close"; I could put one of those and add 'back away 100 metres"


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