Thursday Thoughts # 45

from Hard Eight- a Stephanie Plum novel by Janet Evanovich

"South River jug-handles off Route 18. It's a small town squashed between strip malls and clay pits and has more bars per square mile than any other town in the state. The entrance provide a scenic overlook of the landfill. The exit crosses the river into Sayreville, famous for the great dirt swindle of 1957 and Jon Bon Jovi."

(nice enough to drive through but you wouldn't want to live there?)

also from Hard Eight:

"I stopped at the store on the way home and got supper." I dumped the contents of the bag on the counter. Five TastyKakes. A Butterscotch Krimpet, a Coconut Junior, a Peanut Butter Kandy-Kake, Creme-filled cupcakes, and a Chocolate Junior. Life doesn't get much better than this."

(this is supper?)

Today's Thoughts:

Here's a good idea which will never happen:

from our Sunday paper.
 Seems like a great idea, but I can't see those privileged people giving up their luxury vehicles to get on our buses and trams.
It's like that other "good idea", where they have someone catch a bus to prove that buses are clean and quiet and do run on time.

Well of course they do, when some political person gets on.
Because it is made known beforehand that so-and-so will be riding the bus on this or that day at a certain time. And a route is chosen where there aren't a gazillion people waiting at every stop to hold up the schedule.
So that bus gets cleaned and runs on time for that one scheduled run. 
The political person gets off and says to the media it was a delightful trip, no hassles etc.
Meanwhile every other bus in the entire city is still running as it always does, sometimes early to each stop so when you get there it is already trundling off into the distance, or it is late, so you stand at a blisteringly hot bus stop with no shelter, waiting, waiting, waiting. A few months later, same scenario, waiting, waiting, waiting, but this time it is winter and you are freezing your toes off or getting soaked by rain. Or both.
Back in Parliament House however, the bigwigs are saying to each other, "I don't know why the people are complaining, I caught the bus to work one day in October, (last century) and everything was fine."

Anyway, let's leave the bigwigs to their rarified existence and focus on something nicer.

There's a new flavour in self-saucing pudding packet mixes.
Actually, there's two new flavours, but I only bought and tried one so far.

chocolate pudding with raspberry sauce. 

Seriously, it's yummy.

I don't do packet mixes much, I make cakes and biscuits (cookies) from scratch, but self-saucing puddings are easier from packet mixes. I only buy them in winter and some years I don't bother at all.
I don't remember why I was in the pudding aisle at the shop, but I'm glad I was there to find this.
The other new flavour is chocolate pudding with salted-caramel sauce.

One more thing...

one toasty warm Angel :)


  1. Choc raspberry pudding sauce...oh that sounds delicious.

    Big wigs who truly care about the condition of the common man should open their opulent homes to house the needy, sell their luxury cars and ride a bike, have their chefs fix meals for the homeless (at their homes), and try to live on the common man's salary. Yup. That would be interesting.

  2. That sounds wonderful....the pudding that is....and the toasty warm Angel.

  3. I had a conversation with my computer geek yesterday. He calls me the history teacher. He's 41. Can you imagine that. I told him I am of the era when the president of a company earned seven or eight times the amount of the lowest paid worker on the factory floor, and I felt justified telling people in lower paying jobs they must work at bettering themselves. Now, what a world. All the trickle down never trickled.

  4. You found yourself in the pudding aisle? I agree. Making a pudding with sauce can be tricky. The packet and tinned ones are very good. Our politicians have free public transport and I should think it would be same in all states. Quite a number use trains to get to Parliament and at least one rides a bicycle.

  5. I doubt that any of our politicians use the public transport here. Perhaps if they did it would improve.
    Angel looks totally blissed out.

  6. Fortunately, I don't use public transport. I can't remember the last time I did, other than to catch a train from Helensvale on the Gold Coast to Gympie, a distance of around 233kms; and then back again September seven years ago. (I guess that's classed as public transport).

    I'd be walking everywhere or catching cabs up here when I needed to get around if I didn't have my own little car because there is no public transport hereabouts.

    If I didn't have my own means of transport I'd be doing all my shopping on line. I'd have to get my groceries delivered because I'd hate to have to battle and lug them home via public transport. Other than my supermarket shopping, I do just about everything else on line when I need something that I can't buy here on the mountain.

    Without my little "Lady", my little Toyota Echo, I'd be even more reclusive than I am already! :)

    Only yesterday in a post I wrote to put up on my blog later today or tomorrow, I included a recipe for self-saucing chocolate and ginger pudding!!

  7. I haven't been on a bus for yonks and not sure I'd be able to anyway I doubt any of our pollies use public transport but I know recently they were doing a think on Channel 7 to test whether it is better to use public transport (trains mainly I think) than private vehicles. Never did find the outcome of that one but the congestion here is terrible during peak periods and not much better in quieter times either.
    Pudding sound great but we don't indulge these days. Weght and diabetes say a big now unfortunately. We do occasionally have a Nanna's apple pie with light and creamy ice-cream but don't tell anyone will you.
    That town described in the book doesn't sound one where you'd like to spend a lot of time. Just pass through and begone sounds better.
    That person's shopping doesn't sound very healthy but maybe they were planning a party?

  8. Susan Kane; the real 'wake-up' for them would be living on the common man's salary without any of the pension and superannuation perks they get, and living in a modest home.

    Delores; the pudding was a delicious surprise, I'm going to have to restrain myself there.

    Joanne; all the trickle down never trickled. That's for sure. Those billionaire CEOs just don't seem to realise or appreciate the lower down workers who made their dream come true by doing all the menial jobs while they raked in the cash.

    Andrew; I don't like the tinned self-saucing puddings. I'm not sure if our politicians get free public transport or not, I do now that almost none of them use it. They're all ferried around in fancy cars at our expense. We have a couple who ride their bikes, I'm not sure if they do in winter, perhaps they ride buses or trains then. but that's only two of how many?

    Elephant's Child; politicians all over Australia should be made to use public transport at their own expense, (no travel allowance) for at least a year. Angel often gets blissed out now the winter is here, as soon as the heater goes on he's right there. I don't think he'll feel the same when I start using the airconditioner next month.

    Lee; trains are definitely public transport. I don't shop online much, I prefer to choose my own groceries, then I can check use by dates etc and feel and smell the fruit and veg. For clothes and shoes, I need to try things on. I'll be sure to check that pudding recipe! Sounds delicious.

    Mimsie; as I said to Elephant's Child, all pollies should be made to use public transport at their own expense for at least a year, so they know what we have to go through. congestion is bad here too during peak travel times. Staggered working hours would help ease that, but we're still stuck in a 9-5 time frame there.
    I don't indulge in puddings much anymore either and I've even given up ice cream now the weather is much colder. hopefully I'll lose the few pounds I put on over the summer by eating so much of the creamy cold stuff. I've tried those Nanna's apple pies in the past and I much prefer my own home made apple pies. I haven't made one in yonks, must be about time.

    The book is one in a series, they're comedy. The main character, Stephanie, is 30ish, but hasn't really got the hang of being grown up yet. She lives alone, when she isn't living with her on again-off again boyfriend and goes to her parent's house for lunches and dinners a lot (because she can't cook I think) and her mum sends her home with bags of leftovers, but left to her own devices, she'll eat fast foods and cakes and doughnuts.

  9. I don't buy my groceries on line, River. I always buy them at my local supermarket etc., but I do buy just about everything else online. I hate trying clothes on in stores...and I've not had any problems so far (fingers crossed) by the online method (including my shoes purchases). I love letting my fingers do the walking. :)

    I bought my new washing machine via online, as well as my car...from a car dealership in one of Brisbane's southern suburbs. I had no problems them and within 24 hours of transferring the payment, my little Echo was delivered to my door. I couldn't have physically purchased a car as quickly.

    I love the online way of suits me just fine...but, of course, that's just how I am. I hate shopping...other than my supermarket shopping...and I will always do that "hands-on" long as I'm able to do so. Hopefully that will be for a long time to come! :)

    I've just put up my new post...with the recipe included.

  10. "The entrance provide a scenic overlook of the landfill. The exit crosses the river into Sayreville, famous for the great dirt swindle of 1957 and Jon Bon Jovi."

    This is about 1/2 mile from our townhouse. After Sandy, much of the area across the river was under 5 feet of water.

  11. Even packet pudding sounds like hard work. I have Christmas cake left over, a slice of that with dark chocolate squares on top and microwave for 30 seconds then a spoonful of yoghurt on the side. No low fat kind, horrible.

  12. I left a couple of response for you on my blog, River. :)

  13. Lee; my younger daughter buys a lot of stuff online, sometimes even groceries. I bought shoes online once and had to return them and request the next size, which I also had to return. I very rarely buy clothes and prefer trying them on to see if I can adjust the fit easily. I'm short and round. We have wide rib cages and thick waists in our family, plus I'm overweight. Shoes absolutely have to be tried on as my feet are size 5E. I discovered a shop just yesterday that has European fittings, made on a wide last and even there I spent an hour trying on various styles before finding something that fitted well and comfortably. So I'll restrict my online shopping to books and dvds. I've read your post and saved the recipes, thanks.

    joeh; you're very close to or within the Trenton area too then? Where the Stephanie Plum series is based? Any chance you could put a few photos of the area on your blog? I like seeing where my favourite characters live. Steph lives in Chambersburg, known throughout the books simply as The Burg and the author, Janet Evanovich, makes the whole area sound so interesting.

    JahTeh; sometimes, can you believe this? I look at a packet pudding and decide it's too much work and shove it back into the cupboard! Yoghurt is like ice cream, neither should ever be low fat. It's just so unsatisfying, which is why people eat more and more, chasing that elusive satisfaction which can only be found in full fat varieties.


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