Thursday Thoughts # 46

"The Burg is a solid neighbourhood where people buy houses and live in them until death kicks them out."

"For that matter, just about every house in the burg is nicely maintained. It's mandatory for survival. Decorating taste may vary, but windows damn well better be clean."

both quotes from Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich

Today's Thoughts:

I've noticed that same clean window thing in several of the areas I've lived in over the years. Possibly not entire neighbourhoods, but entire sections of neighbourhoods, where front doors are kept closed, windows are sparkling clean and dining tables are antique (or antique styled) and covered with heavy lace tablecloths.

Not in my house though. 
In those sections of neighbourhoods I was the odd one out. (one of these things is not like the others...) 
I'd clean windows when I moved in, then again when I moved out. 
Very occasionally a time or two in between if they got so grubby I couldn't see out. Or if there was a house inspection looming.
As for antique tables....have you seen the cost of those things? No wonder those people kept their doors locked. Can't have random burglars waltzing off with the family heirlooms!

Heard on the TV news last night: 

The annual Adelaide Cabaret Festival begins soon, and the director has expressed concern that people in regional areas don't get to experience cabaret acts in their small country towns and regional cities.
So he has organised a bit of a 'roadshow'.  Several of the performers have packed up their gear, hopped on a big bus, and trundled off around the state bringing joy and laughter to places that have never seen a cabaret.
I personally think this is a fabulous idea and hope it happens every year from now on.


  1. I love Janet Evanovich--I've read every one of her books!!

  2. I was reading the beginning clean window lines and thinking, Oh, Dear, mine need cleaned. Oh, well.

  3. My mom kept the windows sparkling. Ours...we have shades.

  4. I can't stand dirty windows but we have no control over when windows inaccessible to us are cleaned, which is twice a year, usually just before a shower of rain. It is great that cabaret goes to the country and people will have the chance to see it perhaps just once in their life.

  5. You have reminded me that our windows need cleaning. Again. Inside and out. Sadly there are two lines (at different heights) of cat snot from where Jazz n Jewel look out the windows.
    Love the idea of a mobile cabaret. A brainwave which I hope becomes a tradition.

  6. Now I have to clean my windows. Pfffffffffttttt! :-P

  7. Don't worry,'re not alone in the not cleaning windows department! What windows?? :)

    I think I've always been an odd-one-out throughout my life, too...but I don't mind in the least...I kind of like it. :)

    I think that's a wonderful idea...the travelling cabaret. It reminds me of when I was a kid...with the travelling vaudeville shows like Sorlies...and the pantomimes that visited every year. And then when I was a teenager Col Joye and his varied troupe of entertainers travelled from town to town by train performing in all the rural and regional areas. It was great

  8. ..Hello River...I love your Wednesday cartoon...Random acts of Kindness are wonderful.... xxxx
    My windows are hosed down {on the outside...not the inside lol... :)) } by hubby occasionally.... he attached all the fly screens so that they are not removable and are on the inside of the window........ I love that this is a job I don't have to think about ... the windows have winders on them and open outwards...
    I like the idea of the travelling cabaret show...
    Hugs ... Barb xxxx

  9. fishducky; me too! I'm waiting for the latest one to be released.

    Joanne; I can't see mine from the inside, there's a 'privacy' blind pulled down all the time so people can't see in.

    joeh; I had sparkling windows when the kids were little and i had more energy. Wasn't working then either, so I had time.

    Andrew; I've learned to ignore my windows, I only have two anyway and with shadecloth on the back porch and a privacy blind on the front window, I can't see the glass anyway.

    Elephant's Child; Angel doesn't get up onto the sill often and doesn't press his nose against the glass when he does, so there's no lines, but the edge of the blind is dark with cat hair.

    Jac; says who? be different, make a statement (*~*)

    Lee; what windows is right. I have only two small ones now, a big change from room sized plate glass that I've had in the past.
    I hope the travelling cabaret becomes a yearly thing. After all, we get the Adelaide Cabaret Festival every year, why not let the regional towns have the same?

    Barbara; I have the same type of windows, although on mine the screens can be removed if I try hard enough. I don't bother unless they are super-dusty. I let the rain wash what it can from the outside and that's good enough for me.

  10. I love sparkling clear windows but mine seldom have that appearance. I had a professional window cleaning company clean them last fall and it was not a very hotsy tatsy job.

    A cabaret festival sounds toe-tapping.

  11. There is a woman at the end of our street who has double glass doors (what was she thinking?) in front of her wooden ones. They're always blindingly clean and I've always figured that they make up the main purpose of her day (and life.) Sorry. I've other things to do.

  12. Manzanita; I love sparkling windows myself, just not the work involved in getting and keeping them that way.

    Mrty Damon; glass doors in front of the wooden ones doesn't make sense to me. I've heard of wooden doors with glass inserts, and wooden doors with screen doors in front, which is what we do here in Australia.

  13. You have also reminded me that out windows need a good clean but it's difficult doing the outside with the security screens that don't come off like the old flyscreens did. Last couple of times we had a chap from Cockburn Care do our windows so maybe a call to them next week?
    I really like the idea of the cabaret being taken to outlying areas and I am sure they will really enjoy it.


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