well this is not good...

AngelBoy has just vomited up his dinner.

But at least he hopped off the couch and streaked into the bathroom before letting loose.

Perhaps he gobbled too fast.


  1. I expect it upset you more than him. If he is moulting while he gets his winter coat he will have ingested quite a lot of fur while grooming - which can make them vomit. And I wish mine would throw up somewhere which isn't carpeted or cloth.

  2. Fur balls, they do take it in their stride.

  3. At least he was thoughtful enough to head for the bathroom?

  4. Was there a furball in it? If not, maybe keep the food relatively light for a day or two.. My grumpy will head straight back for more kibble once she's done a throw up without bringing up the furball, and that rarely turns out well.. :(

  5. We have very few carpets here, and yet I swear my cat used to travel until he found one on which to lose his lunch.

  6. I suggest no breakfast for Alex in the morning. A little hunger will do him well and make him more appreciative of his mistress.

  7. Hairballs. He's quite the longhair and that's a lot of grooming to do.

  8. I always try to make it to the bathroom before letting a hairball fly!!

  9. Elephant's Child; no hairballs, it was mostly water and bits of kibble. He went back to his dinner later and ate more. He's fine now. Lucky me, I have no carpet at all.

    Merle; I thought of hairballs when I heard him hacking up, but there wasn't any fur at all in the mix.

    Jac; there's no carpet anywhere here, so it wouldn't have mattered much, but I'm glad he went to the bathroom. I was able to clean up with toilet paper and flush the mess away.

    Snoskred; no hair ball. and no more vomiting thank goodness. He's eating normally too.

    Marty Damon; you have an evil cat, (*~*) I have a tiny bedside mat but Angel rarely uses it, doesn't like the feel for some reason.

    Andrew; he had his usual breakfast, but he did wait until almost 5am before waking me to serve him.

    Joanne; nope. Just one of those unexpected events. I think it gave him quite a surprise, he's never done that before.

    joeh; he's very thoughtful sometimes, other times he's the cat from hell. Mostly he is somewhere in between.

    fishducky; me too. Flushing is much easier than wiping up the mess then washing the floor.

  10. Poor Angel...he did good by making it to the bathroom. They seem to be so embarrassed when they sick up. I know my two are when they do. It happens once in a while...not often, thankfully.

    He lick away his wounded pride. :)

  11. I to thought furballs with his fluffy coat. Hopefully it was just a one off and he will be fine from now on. I know you will be keeping a watchful eye on him. Lots of TLC and I am sure he will be fine.

  12. Lee; I think he was more confused, he kept looking at the mess as I cleaned up, then went out to the porch and refilled with more kibble.

    Mimsie; I hope a one off too. He seems fine and eating normally, even enjoyed a new type of food I brought home today.

  13. You've trained him well if he remembers to head for the tiles if he wants to throw up!!! Hope he's OK!


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