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Save our sauce

I read that a concerned official has suggested that poking a plastic sauce bottle into a newly purchased pie to load it up with tomato sauce may lead to health problems. Perhaps the plague even.
Oh dear.
Yet another great Aussie tradition under attack.
I mean, for goodness sake, fair suck of the sauce bottle.

If Dave wants me to take this down, he can leave me a comment..

Feel free to ignore his last sentence, because people here really don't suck on sauce bottles, but if they did, that would be one sure way to create the health problems.

Anyway, (or anyhoo, if that's what you prefer), Aussies have been poking sauce bottles, the squeezy kind, into hot pies and pasties, sausage rolls too, since the day these squeezy bottles were first invented. 
We know a good thing when we see it, right? 
As far as I know, not a single person has come down with the plague, or anything else because of it. 
The common practice is to remove the screw-on cap to the squeezy bottle at the end of the day or after the tuckshop or canteen lunch rush, and give it a good wash. These tops are clean and ready to be used again. 
Where's the problem? 



  1. Hubby burned his mouth and fingers with the first meat pie in our lives (Grampians NP).
    Usually we have a Jester´s Pie (in Australia, it might be 10+ years till you get this in Germany, we have to make our own! We have a British Pie-Maker).

    There was never a bottle of sauce with it! (Or I ate it up, haha, just kidding).
    We once had fries and there was such a clever "bottle", no dirty fingers, easy to use,... I took it home.
    I took a ketchup squeezy bottle home. I´ll post a pic, if you like.

    How dumb are people supposed to be???
    Did we loose our mind?
    Stopped thinking?

    The problem in my eyes: People are MADE dumb.

    1. Iris Flavia; the sauce bottle is a big squeezy bottle with a spout, usually kept on the counter of the shop and when you ask for a pie and sauce, they get the pie and stick the spout into the pie and squeeze the bottle to put sauce into the pie or pastie or sausage roll, that way there is no sauce on top to make a mess in the paper bag.
      This is the practice that some people want to stop, claiming is can contaminate and spread germs.
      I'd like to see a picture of the bottle you took home and when I buy my own squeezy bottle I'll post a picture of that.

    2. Interesting, River, I never knew! A pic will be taken as soon as the day has come (still dark here). I´ll add it to today´s post.

  2. I have no idea what you are talking about. I will have to go to Google for an explanation. I will say it seems like another expert trying to ruin an old local tradition. Apparently most Aussies have the common sense to clean the plastic bottle before they do what ever you all are doing to meat pies.

    1. joeh; it is a plastic bottle with a screw on cap that has a spout, the spout is pushed into the pasrty casing of the pie or pastie and the bottle squeezed to release some sauce into the pie or pastie, which results in a little gravy and pastry flakes on the outside of the spout. This then gets cleaned off before the bottle is used again.

  3. This is alien to me also and I agree with joeh. Well at least there is no law against it--yet?

    1. Arkansas Patti; I can see now that this is an Aussie-only tradition that hasn't made its way across the seas. I'm guessing the minor voices will carry long and loud enough and the good old sauce bottle will be discontinued. Most places now already use individual sauce packets which you have to squeeze onto your pie yourself which means the sauce sits on top of the pastry in a little puddle. A messy little puddle.

  4. The plague? First time I have heard of it being spread through a sauce bottle.
    Mind you this is a tradition I know of, but have never seen in practise.

    1. Elephant's Child; I am very surprised that you have never seen a sauce bottle being poked into pies or pasties. This usually occurs in school tuckshops and footy ovals, well it used to anyway. Also in bakeries where people buy hot pies etc for their lunch. Well that's where it used to happen.

  5. It's a lot of nonsense, assuming the pie has been made under hygienic circumstances. As you say, we aren't dying from having a sauce bottle squeezed into a pie.

    1. Andrew; the hygienic circumstances is more to worry about than the old sauce bottle. How many places are heard about on the news where the making/baking areas are filthy and vermin infested? And those that infect people with e-coli or salmonella?

  6. Some people just have to get their knickers in a twist about something, and they go looking for it and of course, find something. They need a better hobby.

    1. messymimi; I'm surprised at how many people do nothing but nit-pick every-little-thing and then make so much fuss that things have to be changed. It's the "no more birthday cupcakes to school" thing all over again.

  7. I don't see the problem, as long as the spout is pushed into the pie. It's not like people are sucking on the end of it! As long as it gets cleaned off and doesn't go days at a time with gunk on it, I wouldn't think it's a health problem.

  8. Good grief.
    What next!
    Utter rubbish.
    I really don't know how these people think up such stuff. I really think these people have nothing better to do at times.
    We've been doing that sauce bit for donkeys years and nothing has happened to us.

  9. Being a non-ketchup consumer I don't like sauce on my edibles but I understand the messiness factor being removed by such a neat trick. I wonder what eejit dreamed up this latest nanny-state event? The saucemaker to sell more sauce in disposable crapola?


  10. I am having a hard time imagining this. Are these meat pies? What on Earth are you people doing?? 😂

    Here a pie is usually a fruit filled dessert pastry in a circular shallow pan. It is often served with ice cream. I wouldn't poke one with a ketchup bottle for any reason I can think of!


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