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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Words for Wednesday

I'm so sorry I'm late with this, I was sure I had it scheduled, so didn't bother to check before I headed off to the dentist.

The original Words for Wednesday was begun by Delores and eventually taken over by a moveable feast of participants when Delores had computer troubles.

The aim of the words is to encourage us to write, a story, a poem, whatever comes to mind.
If you are posting an entry on your own blog, please let us know so we can come along and read it.

This month the words are supplied by me and can be found right here.

This week's words are:

1. dynamic
2. longer
3. woods
4. mobile
5. landed
6. cellar


1. alerted
2. flying
3. demeanor
4. lights
5. smoothly
6. filled 

Let the creativity begin! 😎


  1. I'm taking a nap until the anesthetic wears off and my face wakes up. See you all later :)

  2. Poor River. I hope this is the last dentist visit for a while.
    My true story follows.
    I was on call for Lifeline last night. My last call came in a little after midnight and I was too wired to sleep for quite some time. I have had less than four hours sleep and the lights may be on, but there is no-one home in my head. Ideally, today would be a quiet one. A very quiet one,
    But it isn't. I have a self-invited house guest coming to stay this evening. He thinks he is a dynamic entrepreneur. I would describe him as loud, demanding and needy. I think he is only staying overnight, but it may be longer. I was first alerted to threat/forthcoming visit when a message landed on himself's mobile late last night. I would like to tell him to take a flying jump, but he is a long standing friend of my partner's and sad and lonely. So I really need everything to run smoothly.
    And it isn't. It has been filled with minor aggravations. He is a fussy eater and completely unreliable about time. Any dish I prepare has to be able to stand for long periods of time.

    I have decided what to cook and bought the ingredients. The spare bed has been made and a towel laid out for him. Are we out of the woods yet? No. The inlet valve to the toilet has failed. Water from Christmas to breakfast. Part purchased, repairs made. Floor washed, soaked towels in the machine.
    Shortly I will start cooking. In the interim the dratted mantel clock my partner prizes has gone on strike. 'Leave it until our guest leaves' I said. His demeanor made it clear that this was not going to be a happening thing.
    To add insult to injury Jazz loathes him. If we had a cellar Jazz would be in it - or would condemn the guest to quarters there.
    Sigh. And hiss and

    1. Elephant's Child; definitely the last dentist visit until 6month check up. Crossed fingers for no emergencies.
      Self-invited house guests are the very worst kind. Even if they are nice people, foisting oneself on others unexpectedly is a big No No. Hope he doesn't stay too long. Perhaps you could convince Jazz to bite his ankles every hour or so?

    2. He said he would be here an hour ago. He is conspicuous by his absence. I don't care. I will have my dinner at the normal time and go to bed early. Himself can entertain him - until morning.

    3. I think the cellar is where the guest should go, EC. Jazz is king...and shall remain king! :)

      Good job. Don't grit your teeth too much...or you'll be off to River's dentist! :)

    4. Elephant's Child; good thinking.
      Lee; she doesn't have a cellar :(

    5. A very timely story since I have a friend who is stuck with an uninvited guest and she wanted my help getting rid of the person. I shall suggest the cellar and jazz. Loved this EC.

    6. It must be the full moon. We've had an uninvited guest as well...invited herself, came late, brought a friend...sheesh. I wish I could rent Jazz....sic em boy...sic em.

  3. I was getting a little worried, River and was about to email you...but I see, thankfully, all is well. :)

    "There had always been a strange DYNAMIC within the family. There seemed to be many secrets no one was willing to share or to explore. The LONGER she thought about distances she felt between herself, her siblings, her parents and her respective grand-parents, she began to UNDERSTAND, to a degree, the DEMEANOUR of her older brother. His forcefulness had always caused disruption, even when they were children. Nothing ever ran SMOOTHLY when he was around.

    However, she felt she was a bit remiss; that she should have been ALERTED to his odd behaviour the moment he had LANDED at the airport after his lengthy FLYING missions in the overseas’ war zones.

    After their raging argument when they were in the CELLAR choosing wines for dinner, she had to escape the oppressive atmosphere for a while before facing the rest of her dysfunctional family.

    As she strolled through the WOODS, she could see the LIGHTS in the distance.

    Should she turn right and keep walking through to the river, or should she return to the house.

    Her MOBILE phone vibrated in her pocket. She chose to ignore it. Peace and silence was what she sought."

    1. Lee; I'm sorry to have worried you. I thought I had this scheduled, but when I checked I have the rest of the month scheduled and skipped today somehow.
      Your story is intriguing and I hope things can be smoothed over at least for dinner. Perhaps now is not the time to ignore her phone, there could be things going on and she needs to be there.

    2. Very interesting story and yes, I do wonder who was calling. She should have answered her phone. Thanks Lee:-)

    3. Who was calling and what lies ahead.......will she ever get back home...does she want to?

    4. Ignore the mobile I say. Peace and quiet is MUCH more important. Loved this Lee.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. I am one of a few...I don't use a mobile phone...just my landline. And there are times, often, I choose not to answer it. Walking around with a phone permanently in my hand or pocket just isn't me.

      Thanks everyone. :)

  4. My story for today is posted on my blog. It is titled GRANDMA'S PORCH.

  5. Great selection...the wheels are spinning but it might not be 'til tomorrow that I post.

  6. Okay, here we go...
    Grace didn't move smoothly anymore but she reminded herself daily at least she was still mobile. This current predicament however, filled her with anxiety.
    It had seemed like a great idea to explore the old Deveroux house in the woods. Equipped with flashlight and camera she was in a grand mood. One minute she was upright and the next, after a flying trip down the old cellar stairs, she landed headfirst on the old concrete floor.
    There had been nothing to alert her to the fact that her old faithful Dynamic flashlight was going to fail. It simply cut out midstep. One misstep was all it took.
    It's going to be a longer trip than usual to get back up those stairs she mused. Her head pained her terribly as she tried to pull herself to her feet. Her usual cocky demeanor failed her as she realized more than her head was paining her. The effort to raise her head left her dizzy and gasping and then....blackness.

    1. Poor Grace. Except that I expect she went out doing what she loved.

    2. I hope Grace wakes up soon and gets stuck into the wine! That will numb her pain!

      Good job, Delores. :)

    3. only slightly confused; wow. and oh dear. I do hope Grace is alright and waking up soon. Perhaps she can crawl back up the stairs and somehow summon help.

    4. Please tell us that Grace told someone where she was going! Poor old gal. That will be me some day exploring my barn.

  7. Hello River and everyone else, I published my entry for this week, stop by and let me know what you think. WFW-Sitting on the window sill

    1. Jimmy; I'll be right over :)

    2. So glad I went to your blog and read your story.

  8. Well done everybody ...
    From EC's real life story to all comments, story and words thereafter.
    What a great group of folks you all are ... I enjoyed the read so much.

    I think the word choices were quite tricky ...not too sure if I'll come up with anything.

    All the best Jan

  9. Posting Here and loving everyone's stories tonight. It has been quite the week for us, I hate moving, and painting, and am quite tired and more than a little cranky so I shall say good night and hope for a better day tomorrow.

  10. Except that I expect she went out doing what she loved.