c......is for

Joining up again today with Toni  in her A-Z, a.....is for series, today's letter is C.

And C is for.........C-foods.

Years ago someone came up with the Seafood Diet, which is supposed to be mainly anything that comes out of the sea.

Well, I've seen what's in our oceans lately, 
rusting old ships, 
dead people wearing concrete boots,

floating islands of plastic trash.....

and I don't think any of that is appetising at all.

Soon enough Sea Food became See Food - Eat Food, (any food)
then someone somewhere made a list of  C foods that would keep any dietician happy.
Cabbage, Carrots, Celery, Capsicum,

mini Capsicums are great, this one is a Chocolate Capsicum, quite sweet,
but not actually chocolate flavoured.

I made my own list of C-Foods, truly a dietician's nightmare.
Chocolate cake
and so on.
The list was quite long, but I didn't use it as a diet sheet.....really, I didn't

and let's not forget Coffee.
Mmm, Chocolate covered Coffee Beans..........

Then I got sensible and added things like Cheese, (oooh, Cheesecake!),  

Crab, blue swimmer Crabs are very nice.

I don't remember much else that was on the C-Foods list, it was one of those joke things I had on the fridge for a while, then threw away.

What would be on your C-Foods list?


  1. Hi River,

    Cheese, Cheese and Cheese.

    Nothing more to consider.




  2. Cucumber and Cherry Ripe, but not together.

  3. cake, cookies, cranberries, chips

  4. Coke, Chips, Caramel, Cake, Cream, Cherry, Cod, Clam Chowder, Crisps, Crackling,


    C-food diet it is!!!!
    You are a genius, River!

  5. I weighed myself this morning, you possible heard the screaming in Adelaide, so I come here and you have a food post.
    Now I want coconut chicken curry, baked cheesecake with cherries on top and an espresso.

  6. Chocolate covered coffee beans. The three C's. Covered is a state of food, too.

  7. CRABS! And chocolate, coconut, and chocolate-covered coconut. Creamy clam chowder, and chocolate cream pie. Chocolate, yes, chocolate. And crabs.

  8. Plasman; would you vary that by having three different types of cheeses?

    Andrew; so that would be elegant little cucumber sandwiches with cherry ripe for dessert? perhaps cherry ripe icecream?

    Delores; I like your choices.

    Annie; welcome to drifting. Good choices, but I'll skip the cod, I've never liked it.

    JahTeh; I didn't hear any screaming....now I want coconut chicken curry too. Let's meet halfway and have dinner at one of the border towns.

    Joanne Noragon; I used to love those, but haven't seen any for quite a while. That's probably a good thing.

  9. Susan; usually my laptop freezes if I'm typing while someone else's comment is coming in. I like your choices, but not chocolate covered coconut. I'll skip that and have an extra chocolate cream pie.

  10. A nice group of C's. Everyone seems to approve of the Chocolate.

  11. Chocolate coated dancing girls
    Cutiepies and crisps
    A caramelised Maid River
    Crackling persists.


  12. Manzanita; chocolate is a world-wide favourite, there's not too many people who don't like it.

    Toni; me too and I have no chocolate in the house right now. Truly a sad state of affairs.

    Lord Rochester; I'm not sure chocolate coating is good for dancing girls, they'd sweat it off.


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