my lounge room feels strangely empty

In spite of the room still having its full quota of furniture, plus a couple of extra cushions, there is a hollowness, an emptiness.

The Christmas Tree is gone.
Packed away.
Every single bauble is in its box and sealed.
The tinsel over the doorways has been taken down.
The beads and stars on the curtain rods are in their boxes.
The bedroom tree and bathroom tree have been wrapped in paper and stashed in the cupboard.
Ditto the sleigh.

I rearranged the top of the wardrobe so that the smaller, separate section is now the Christmas Cupboard and everything is in there. 
Except the Christmas Elf.
I've left him on display, next to my miniature Toby Jug.

It was all up for only a couple of weeks, yet now that it is all packed away for another year, the lounge room looks and feels empty.

Normal non-glittery life has resumed.
I have new plans in my head for next years decorating.
Probably I should write those down......


  1. Yes indeed I love the colour, the lights, the cheerfullnes. And the carols. It's one time I believe goodness can win.

  2. We said the same thing last looks so BARE!!! Ah, but the dusting is so much easier.

  3. Yes, paramount idea, I mean writing it down. Not that you're probably as forgetful as I am but it's so easy to forget. Sometimes I worry if it's senility or just that I have so many things on my mind. I didn't put up a tree so my space looks the same. I was going to...... brought the tree stand from the ranch but I don't know where decorations are.... so I gave up the idea.

  4. Ours came down today too. Next to the christmas tree was a large plant that was taking over the corner. It has gone as well and the area looks very bare. We'll get used to it. Normally I am relieved when the decs come down, but not so much this year. Apart from my niece assisting with putting the tree up, we have not had anyone else see it.

  5. I packed my Christmas tree up Sunday. I am still mourning :)

  6. You seem to be saying that Christmas being over is a sad thing..I feel exactly opposite..Yay! Christmas is over.

  7. The atars are still up on my windows. I was late putting them up, so they can stay a little longer...

  8. R.H. you sentimental old softie! But you're right, the colour and cheerfulness of a Christmas tree seems to spread happiness where ever it is.

    Delores; dusting? What dusting?

    Toni; he's right isn't he?

    Manzanita; yes, I've written down a few ideas. If you can't find decorations, you make paper chains from coloured newspaper and magazines.

    Andrew; nobody saw mine except you blog readers. Usually I'm keen to get it all packed away and that's why I took it all down, but now it's like Christmas never happened.

    Optimistic Existentialist; welcome to drifting. don't mourn too long, Easter is on its way. Hot Cross Buns are already on the supermarket shelves. (I think that's wrong...)

    Joanne Noragon; the elf is happy to be out of the cupboard.

    Tempo; no, just that it was all so quick this year. Perhaps because I delayed putting it all up in the first place.

    Elephant's Child; I'm sure they look very pretty.

  9. I've still got my tree sitting in the lounge-room .... I know I should take it down and pack it away but as you say it sort of leaves a lonely spot that nothing else can fill.
    Yes! do write those ideas down and put the list in your Christmas Tree Box ....if you're like me you'll forget what they were by next Christmas.

  10. Dianne; the empty spot. We wonder why it didn't appear empty before the tree went up.
    The list is half written.

  11. I know what you mean. I drag my feet and grumble about putting all the decorations up, and then when I take them back down, the house looks strangely sad and empty.

  12. Susan; the empty is the strangeness, because the emptiness certainly isn't there before the tree and decorations go up.


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