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Dear TV stations,

how dare you interrupt our advertisement viewing with snippets of "real" programs. 

Sincerely yours, disgruntled watcher. 

Week after week, our TV Guide has letters from viewers who are not happy with the number of advertisements disrupting our programs, whether they be weekly series or actual movies.

For years now, the TV stations have ignored these.

So.....maybe the above statement will get their attention. 
I'm even more annoyed with previews of reality programs that run on for so long I feel as if I've watched a complete episode.

Yes, I understand that advertising pays for our viewing, but most of what we see is old stuff. Repeats of repeats of repeats.....
Surely that can't cost too much?

Maybe they could show an entire episode of something and then have a full half hour of advertisements, before showing a whole movie, then another section of ads.
They do it for the Home Shopping program, which is just one gigantic advertisement running for how many hours?


  1. Some of the ads on the less run of the mill channels must be seen several times to get the gist. Even then my sister and I can look at each other and say Did you get that yet? Life on the street is really leaving we old fogies behind.

  2. Hi River,

    Don't go to America - they interrupt a half hour programme about six times. They have adverts between the opening credits and the start of the programme for God's sake.

    And they don't announce when the programme comes back on.

    Oh dear - I fear a rant has begun ...




  3. If it wasn't for the fact that the hubs would expire without his sports, I swear I would have the cable disconnected. TV is just a giant billboard in our homes.

  4. I'm just saying Hi. I can't really comment because I don't watch much TV. But when I do, I use the commercial time to run out in the kitchen and do my work. I used to have a little TV in my kitchen,. That way I could watch and do my work. Ha
    My husband was the one who had to have a TV in every room.

  5. And why do they show the same ads, time after time after time. And sometimes the same ads come on twice in the same program. Hiss and spit. I am so tired of funeral insurance ads followed by life insurance ads (which is close to the same thing).

  6. Well you should get a look at AFL telecasts which show the same advert a minimum of twenty-five times during a game (every time a goal is kicked) and I'm not exaggerating.

    Briefly, advertising agencies use the techniques developed by Hitler and Goebbels. Repetition is a basic, then among other things there's an intention to make you feel insecure.

    Agencies employ the best psychologists in the world to sneak past your rational mind and enter your subconscious. You may think you know why you purchase a certain product -but do you really?

  7. Advertisers use repitition and slogans to drum things into you just as Hitler did. There's no difference. Dictators tell lies, so do advertisers. they always have, even employing stooges posing as ordinary housewives, etc, to give glowing (paid) "testimonials".

  8. It gets worse in future years River, we're still watching re-runs from the 60's 70's and 80's..what are you going to do when the re-runs are today's rubbish? How will you feel after three watchings of the entire Big Brother series?
    TV stations are governed in the amount of adverts per hour they can show, and believe me they make sure they use every second. . However there are no such limits on the amount of pre-views they can show, so by the time you add the adverts and previews per hour there's precious little left for you and me..

  9. I had answers typed for each of you, but couldn't publish them as my computer froze while R.H.s second comment came in.
    I can't remember what I said....

    Joanne Noragon; I hate those ads where they speak so fast you can't make out what they're saying.

    Plasman; sounds just like Aus. TV. We even have ads in the news and weather programs.

    Delores; Cable would be a waste of money for me. I mostly watch DVDs now.

    Manzanita; a TV in every room? That's awful. I especially dislike TVs in bedrooms.

    Elephant's Child; YES! The same thing over and over and over, not only within the same program, but within the same ad break.

    R.H. Me? watch a football show? Are you crazy?
    Ads rarely make me buy products, rather I go out of my way to avoid things that have been rammed down my throat via TV ads.
    Unless it's a product that I already buy and would continue to buy even without advertising.
    Those "ordinary" housewives are paid actress/models. I'm not fooled.

  10. Tempo; I can see a lot more DVD watching in my future. And I will never, ever, EVER watch Big Brother, or those other "reality" or cooking shows.

  11. They would never show an entire programme and then 30 mins of ads cos they know people would either change channels or just not watch so we are stuck with those endless ads. We mainly watch ABC but even they of course constantly advertise future programmes and you see them so many times that when those particular programmes eventually appear you feel that you have already seen them. DVDs are the way to go and we do not watch reality shows of any kind on the commercial channels.

  12. I no longer have television access. In ways this has been liberating -- and in other ways it means I go to the pawn shop to buy movies and television shows on DVD about every two weeks. :-)


  13. Free to air TV delivers an audience to advertisers. That's how its "free". Advertisers pay heaps.

    Advertising agents are scum, on a level with crooked lawyers and other pimps.

    The object is mind control, you won't get through a day without seeing or hearing more than a dozen adverts from these smarmy deceitful bastards.

    SBS TV was good before it took adverts. Its shows are still good, but the ABC has always been woeful.

    I just listen to the radio, turning it off during adverts. I've gotten pretty good at it.

  14. Whether or not you "know" these people are just paid stooges it still gets past you.

  15. River, this is why recording was invented. Choc bless the remote control!

  16. Boy, isn't that the truth? Especially during late night TV. All we want to do is catch the end of a doggone movie so we can crawl into bed, and the TV broadcasts twelve minutes of commercials for every five minutes of show. Maddening!

  17. Mimsie; I may have to buy another cabinet to house my growing dvd collection.

    Pearl; what do you watch the DVDs on if you don't have television? on your computer monitor or laptop screen? I do that when I'm confined to bed for any reason.

    Kath Lockett; I don't currently have a recorder, but my daughter does. yay for K.

    Susan; I've given up on late night movies. Now I wait a few weeks and sure enough they pop up on an earlier time slot.

  18. I usually read during the ads if I didn't have to go to the kitchen or bathrm.


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