Whimsical Wednesday #59

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle that gets you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

We probably don't need this so soon after the Christmas/New Year/Australia Day feasting,
but, Mmmm, donuts!


  1. Noooo! Another week rushing by - I am still trying to hold on to that early week feeling and actually get something done!

  2. Oh donnuts! Chocolate iceing. Cream middles. It's raining or I would be off to the bakery.

  3. sprinkles and chocolate glaze and jam fillings......

  4. Ah yes, me thinks those were the wise words of Homer Simpson. Doh! nut...

  5. I cant believe it's nearly February already...
    The only donuts I like are the standard cinnamon sugared ones, the others are just too sweet for my taste

  6. Marianne; welcome to drifting. don't worry too much about the week rushing by. There's another one coming....

    Joanne; you're letting a little rain stop you?

    Delores; chocolate glaze....

    klahanie; doh nut forsake me my cream filling...

    Tempo; I'm not really a big donut fan, but now and again i just have to have one. With custard filling.

  7. It is a small relief that donuts here in Switzerland are awful, so it's one less temptation.

    Shame I can't say that about the chocolate, cheeses, custard slices, cream-filled eclairs, fondues, prosciutto, berry tarts... and did I mention chocolate?

  8. I'm usually pretty good about avoiding the temptation of doughnuts, but every once in a while, a custard-filled one with chocolate frosting calls my name so loudly, I cannot refuse. (Wouldn't want to hurt its feelings.)


    Not much happens in Adelaide, but there's talk here in Melbourne of introducing a Quiet Carriage on our trains, mobile phones etc must be turned off. What a marvellous idea, put the monkeys in chatter carriages: "I'VE HAD AN ORGANIC SALAD, NO EGG, AND I'M ON THE TRAIN NOW...blah blah blah"

  10. Rh, rarely do I wholeheartedly agree with you but on this I do.
    Now deliver a dozen doughnuts for my breakfast in the morning.
    River, stop putting up food posts. I had to walk to the shop after reading this this morning just for coffee and a biscuit because there's nothing in the house. Even Southland shops have stopped getting in those enormous lemon meringue pies I love. It's all an evil plot against fat people.

  11. Kath Lockett; you're living in foodie heaven!

    Susan; the custard filled ones are my favourites.

    R.H. I think a quiet carriage is a great idea! I could read my kindle without having to consciously tune out several conversations.

    JahTeh; once again I apologise. I'll find something completely non-food related for next Wednesday. Mmm, lemon meringue pies.

  12. Oh Doughnuts!!! Naughty woman for putting that pic on here. No, only joking, but I must admit I've not had one for more years than I can remember so I am at least doing something right. lol


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