What Irritates You Monday

Over at The Feathered Nest, my friend Delores has thought up a What Irritates You meme for Monday.
I'm not sure if it will be a one-off or a weekly meme, but I said I'd join in if my internet connection agrees to play nice.(so far, so good)
Delores, in turn, said she'd be happy to hear "what chips my paint".

Well, there's irritation  numbero uno right there.
Chipped Paint.
Actually chipped nail polish.
Over the years I have tried many different brands of nail polish, all of them claiming to last and last no matter what.

They lie.

Or maybe they don't.....I'm sure the problem is my nails, not their formula, since I see women at work (and everywhere else) with beautifully manicured nails with nary a single chip on any of them.

I do my nails, they look lovely and by the end of the working day they are chipped to hell and back after scrabbling around in the till for change (coins) to give customers.

At other times they chip for no reason at all, or maybe they don't like the way I tucked in the sheets on my bed.
 Or whatever.
Anyway, there it is.
Major irritation number one.
Chipped nail polish. 

(Nails that break if I dare to even look at them, that's another irritation)


  1. Ha....chipped paint...good one. I can't keep it on my nails either. I really can't believe it's Monday where you are already. It's only 3:51pm on Sunday here.

  2. Hi River,

    OH MY GOD!!

    What irritates me?

    So MUCH irritates me!

    I could write a BOOK.

    Sadly, chipped nail polish isn't one of them.




  3. I've stopped using nail polish. Well, okay, I still use it on my toenails

    What really irritates me is overused expressions such as "to be honest". Which implies that person isn't always being honest. Heaven forbid.

    Hope you had a nice weekend.


  4. I know what you mean. That's why I only wear natural polish on my fingernails... basically clear, but with a teensy pink tint. The chips are barely noticeable. The pretty red polish is reserved for my toes.

  5. I'm with Plasman, so many irrits, so little time to print them all.
    First, just for the moment, the stinking amount of money up in smoke for bloody fireworks on NYE and now for Australia Day when the state is on bushfire alert.

  6. I am with Jah Teh on both counts. Fireworks are an expensive luxury - just at the moment there are other things/people/animals who need our support. And sadly, I am very, very irritable at the moment. I think I am going to keep the lid on them. Or try to.

  7. Delores; I think it's very unfair of the fates to give some women nails that won't hold polish.

    Plasman; go ahead and write the book. It will sell 2 million copies and make you rich.

    klahanie; now I need to see photos of these painted toenails....

    Susan; I was wearing a pale pearly pink for a while, but got fed up with daily touching up which looked really awful by the end of the week, so I've switched to clear. I'm really just trying to protect my nails from peeling and tearing.

    JahTeh; I agree the amount of money spent is obscene, but the fireworks were pretty and I'm sure we spent less than, say, New York. But you're right, the money could be used for so many other more needy causes.

    Elephant's Child; agree, agree, agree. I'm irritated with my right hip at the moment, which has joined several other joints and developed arthritis. Ouch! Perhaps you and JahTeh could co-write a book on irritations, make it funny and out sell Plasman...

  8. Painting 2 coats of Sally clear nail polish over the colour ones seems to work for me.

  9. drb; Sally doesn't stay on any longer than a coat of jelly would.

  10. Mine too. I've long since given up on coloured polish. If I ever do bother to put any on it's the clear stuff, and even then it's only when I haven't picked at my cuticles otherwise I'm bringing attention to my awful habit!

  11. Kath Lockett; I recently had a three week fling with a pale pearly pink, but got tired of touching it up every single night. Now it's just two coats of clear which seems to stay on rather well as long as I am NOT at work.

  12. LOL
    I tried the Sally Diamond Strength and seemed to be better than the regular ones. But then, no nail polish is harder than coins. Are you allowed to wear gloves at work?

  13. drb; I don't think we can wear gloves, but I know that I would be way too hot in them anyway.

  14. i usually only do my toenails, however I recently discovered Sally Hansen's nail polish strip things. I've had them on since Saturday and they still look great. I usually can't go a day without finger nail polish chipping.

  15. Fenstar; nail polish strip things? I don't think I've ever seen those. unless you mean those pre-printed designs that you stick onto your nails.


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