disinterested? no. bored? no. what then?

Tough question.
I'm not bored with the blogging.
I'm not disinterested.
I still read all the blogs I used to and leave comments too. 
I am here less than I used to be though.

What's changed?
It's the kindle.

She calls to me....the books, the books.
Come curl up on the couch and read....read....

So many stories waiting for me.


  1. Hi River,

    I know what you mean. And I've just bought a Nexus 7 tablet too - which means that blogging is largely taking second place at the moment.

    I'll have to change that.




  2. I know...it's really hard to portion out the time fairly isn't it...between the blogging and the reading and the knitting and the tv and the.....

  3. My sister is the same way with her kindle, all evening. One downstairs, one up. That way she doesn't have to run back for it.

  4. I've become very disinterested with the internet over the last few months mainly because of the poor connection where it takes up to 30 MINS for a site to appear, its slower than a snail. So i'm off to the computer doctor today to have my hard drive checked out to see whether there is a problem. Depending on the result i may disconnect from the internet all together as my patience is wearing thin and its not worth the grief anymore. This is the second time i've tried to post this comment, that's how bad it's become.

  5. I just love my Kindle. I recently updated to an iPad which I also love but still have soft spot for my Kindle.

    So many books at your fingertips!

  6. I think you have to take off a little time from the computer now and then. I turned my computer on, only a few times all summer. After that rest from it, I'm back with renewed interest. I didn't get bored with the blogs or people but I always felt like I was on a time schedule with the blogging. I just needed a rest from the the rigid time pattern I put myself on.

  7. I recently discovered the reading on an electronic device thing, but it hasn't quite won me over yet...

  8. I know I am old fashioned but I still like reading a proper book. I use a computer and have a mobile phone for emergencies but no kindle. A book feels warm when you hold it so it's a book for me.

  9. I've heard you can read blogs on kindle.

    Although, cannot imagine anybody wanting to read my rubbish.

    Enjoy the books! :)

  10. I'm still for books but my dilemma is, do I watch crap tv for the ad breaks to read in or do I watch Farscape. Decisions always decisions.
    Now answer me this, can you eat biscuits, drink tea and handle the kindle?

  11. No Kindle for me ..... yet. Still got at least a hundred second hand books I've collected during my flea market foragings to read. When my damn head stops letting in Mr Migraine that is.

  12. Plasman; once the novelty wears off, blogging will be back in first place for you.

    Delores; my time is portioned between blogging, reading, work and sleep, with sleep firmly in first place.

    Joanne; luckily for me I only have one floor, and four rooms; easy to carry the kindle around.

    Windsmoke; poor connection is the base of my discontent with the internet. I can see myself becoming disinterested in the future if things don't improve.

    A Farmer's Wife; they're great little libraries right at your fingertips.

    Manzanita; the time schedule! That's what has been getting to me too. I think a rest may be in order. Soon.

    Fenstar; mine won me over when I was able to carry it so easily on public transport. lightweight, yet 1670 books.

    Mimsie; I love proper books too and still read them, mostly in bed.

    klahanie; I've heard that too, but since I have the laptop, I'll keep the kindle just for books. Your writings certainly aren't rubbish.

    JahTeh; Farscape outweighs crap TV anyday. You can read in between episodes. I'm not a biscuit eater, much, but yes I can do all three. One hand holds the kindle and pushes the button to turn the page, the other hand manipulates the cup and snack.

    Kath Lockett; I have a bunch of real books to read on my bedside chest, but the kindle is so very handy on the buses. Send Mr Migraine to Siberia. (Oh if only it were that easy, she says)

  13. The kids have used up all my Internet so everyone's posts take 3 hours to load. Gone back to my first love books.

  14. Alex; books will always be my first love. It's so easy to get lost in a story, so deeply sometimes that you're "there" and when you surface the real world is a bit of a shock.

  15. lol, I know the feeling, if I'm not writing lately, I'm reading. Kindle is fantastic for having choice, just a little too much for it.


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