sigh...I've done it too

I've noticed a lot more "anonymous" comments creeping in to my comments section.

Most of them get sent straight to the spam folder, but there's enough of them getting through to annoy me, so like JahTeh, I have switched to Google Accounts only comments.

Then I checked my spam folder and deleted what was in there.

I hope all my readers can still leave comments......


  1. Well..let`s see if it works.

  2. I've been lucky, but with all of the rest of you shutting down those spammers still have to go somewhere...

  3. I also turned of the anonymous comments option for the same reason early last year and its worked really well so far. I see you've turned off the Open ID comment option as well you may want to turn it back on as it excludes many registered bloggers from commenting.

  4. Windsmoke, I tried to leave Open ID option as well but blogger would only let me leave google account.

  5. It's too bad spammers don't crawl back under their rocks where they belong.

  6. The Blogger spam filter used to be so good, but it seems to have degenerated ... I just check the comments on my dashboard more frequently so if any make it through to 'published', I delete them immediately. If you're reading this, yes I can still leave comments!

  7. Delores; yay! you're still here.

    Joanne; true, but let's hope they go where we don't understand the language. A tiny planet in a far flung galaxy for instance.

    Windsmoke; I can't have both options. So open ID is closed for now.

    JahTeh; the open ID includes the anonymous option. Blogger needs to separate those two so we can have open ID but no anonymous comments.

    Susan; yes, exactly. Or hone their English skills some other way.

    Happy Elf Mom; good to see you.

    Red Nomad OZ; that's what I used to do, go to dashboard and delete the one or two anons. But lately I go there and there are dozens of anonymous, most of them exact copies of themselves, like some one sat their and just kept clicking publish over and over.

  8. I had some jack*ss that wrote to me for almost a full year, not anonymously but with a fictitious (of course) name.



    p.s. WB

    p.p.s. Write Back. :-)

  9. Hi, my name is Robert, all my enemies are anonymous. My darlings are visible. When you come here I'm taking you to All You Can Eat For $10. i figure you don't eat much, I may have to ask for a partial refund.


  10. Pearl; I remember her. She found her way to my blog and a couple of others here in OZ.

    R.H. I actually eat too much, especially when it comes to ice cream.

  11. Great, we'll go every night. And dance between courses.

  12. River
    Let's have a "go" at it. What fun do spammers get out it when they could be writing beautiful stories and making people feel good.

  13. I'll try and see if it arrives in your comments section. I too have seen a huge increase in the amount of spam waiting for approval instead of being shunted into the spam section.

    The spammers are getting smarter.

  14. Testing, testing....yep all working tickety boo! Happy New Year River. Been a while but I'm trying to catch up. At least you didn't synch your Android to your blog and lose all your photos! Hardly any left on Bainos Banter now, they're all on my phone *sob*

  15. Some people have too much time on their hands... good option to change your Comments settings... this way only those of us that have nothing to hide can get through :)

  16. I should still be OK to leave comments then (I hope). I have so few followers that so far no problems with anonymous comments. Hope your problem is now solved.

  17. I just turned on moderation and that decreases the spam so much. It means anyone can comment but I control the comments that get through.

  18. Manzanita; I suspect a lot of them are in the equivalent of call centres, just doing what they are told and learning English as they do it.

    Kath Lockett; I think those who are employing the spammers are the smart ones. Teaching these people how to get through restrictions.

    Baino; welcome back! I have no such thing as an Android. And I'm about to back up all my photos to my external hard drive. Can't you reverse transfer from Android back to computer for your blog?

    gaby@727m2; I'm certainly happy about the change. Even my spam folder is empty now.

    Mimsie; yes, no more anonymous comments coming in at all. They'll find you eventually. Your blog is fairly new, I had no spammers for about a year to start with.

    Carly Findlay; I thought about moderation, but went with the google accounts only.


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