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Joining in once again with Toni and her A-Z,  "a....is for" meme, this week's letter is D and I bring you.....


I used to read about Davenports in fiction novels set in times past, but never really knew what they were. I imagined they were some kind of porch swing.
Once I found out, I wanted one. 

I didn't buy one though, for several reasons, one being I had no place to put a Davenport, another being I couldn't see myself actually using it.

Similar to old style school desks,but fancier,  these small writing desks, have a sloped surface for comfortable writing that lifts up to disclose storage under the lid, for paper, envelopes etc.

There are different styles, as with any furniture. 
I quite like this one above with all the little drawers down the sides.
The long and narrow storage box above the writing surface would be for pens and possibly the bottles of ink as well.

This model has drawers above the writing surface also, perhaps a place to keep stamps (seals) and sealing waxes.

There are also Davenport Sofas.

These are no different to any other sofas, it is simply a brand name, and they come in many styles, sizes and fabrics.
Some even fold down to become beds, just like modern sofa beds available everywhere. 

"Davenport is the name of a series of sofas made by the now-defunct Massachusetts furniture manufacturer A H Davenport company." 

Thank you, Wikipedia and Google images.


  1. Oh! I want one of those beautifully carved Davenport writing desks .... SO classy!

  2. Thanks! You taught me something new. I always thought a davenport was a type of sofa bed. Never knew it was a type of desk, too. (A really NICE looking desk, at that!)

  3. I really like those desks...especially the one with all the drawers.

  4. Don't forget to always look for the secret drawer.

  5. That is so interesting. Mom always called our davenport a davenport. I could have one of those desks in a heartbeat!

  6. Little drawers in furniture were very popular in previous centuries; they were dainty times, unlike our own. And there were secret compartments.
    You've said nothing about Australia Day. I jumped straight out of bed this morning. Standing there in my underpants I gave the Roman Salute.
    Well it's true darlings, anywhere is great if you've got money; the poor have no country.

  7. Dianne; they are lovely. I've seen some in antique shops and they can be quite small, they don't have room for really spreading out your writing gear. Well, not like I do, with stuff all over, left and right.

    Susan; from the context in stories I read, I always thought a davenport was a porch swing.

    Delores; I do love drawers.

    Andrew; I've always wanted a secret drawer in something.

    Joanne; if I was a rich person, (I'm talking seriously wealthy), I'd have one.

    R.H. I always forget about Australia Day. Every year I tell myself I'll buy a little flag and hang it by the door, but I never do.

  8. Well you taught me something. I know nothing. I didn't know it was a company trade-name that makes sofas. And I surely didn't know it is also a small writing desk. Of course, what does one expect from someone who spends their life in a mushroom cave.

  9. Happy Australia Day! I bet desks like that do have secret compartments. :)

  10. Yes I did know what a davenport was but loved your pictures of various kinds. They truly are very old worldly aren't they? A gentler world where people kept in touch by writing to each other...no telephones or computers back then. Food for thought there eh?

  11. Oh, so *that's* what davenports are! I thought they were a small armchair!

  12. Manzanita; you can't tell me you know nothing! I read your blog and you know a lot of stuff. A Lot! just not about davenports....

    Happy Elf Mom; I'd like to have secret compartments somewhere.

    Mimsie; imagine having the time to sit down at a desk and write with perfect penmanship, then melting the sealing wax and pressing in your seal. I wonder what people from then would think if they could travel here and see computers and email.

    Kath Lockett; not at all like a porch swing are they? That's what I thought they were.

  13. You mentioned using a seal and wax. When my grandfather in England died (the dad of my adopted mum) I was sent not only his OBE medal but also his brass seal and a small amount of sealing wax too. I was delighted to receive those items.

  14. Blast you River, now I want one of each...*le sigh* stunning aren't they *wanders off in a daydream about beautiful desks and sofas*....


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