it's been a busy few days at chez River

with four of my neighbours requiring my assistance with various things. 

Neighbour PT, diabetic, older than me, mostly manages quite well, but lately she has been ill, with her blood sugar unstable, falling far too low, so she called her carer and went off to hospital to get stabilised and I cared for her budgie. He's a lovely little fellow, whistling at me as I replaced his water with fresh.

Neighbour K, went off to hospital a couple of days later, I cared for her cat overnight. He's very quiet, very placid, sat in his basket the whole time I was there putting out fresh food and water. He is people shy though, and while he knows me, he wouldn't let me pat him.

Neighbour PW also went to hospital. She's quite ill, and stayed in hospital a couple of nights. I looked after her cat too. This cat is very friendly and quite spoilt, wanting me to pat and scratch him the whole time I was there, she did say that's what she does a lot, gives him attention all the time. He hadn't ever been left alone before and cried a bit for his 'mummy' now and again. 

Neighbour 4 is a lovely young lady, new to this country, who managed to lock herself out of her upstairs flat while her husband was at work. I couldn't help with her request, she wanted to try and climb up to her balcony somehow and get in through her window. An impossible task. Eventually I phoned for a locksmith and when she heard how much that would cost, she decided to walk around to her friend's flat and stay there until her husband got home from work. I'm wondering why she didn't decide that in the beginning; myself and another neighbour I called on for help were talking her out of trying to climb for almost an hour. 

All of this since Tuesday morning. I'm tired now just thinking about it.


  1. Your flat is becoming a zoo. You know there are pet walker volunteers for people who can not longer take their pets for walks. You are going a step further. So what does Angel think of these odd visitors?

  2. This post didn't show up in my reader. I wonder what happened.
    It certainly has been very busy, and a bit fraught round your way.
    How did Angel respond to the budgie? Or did he stay in his own home?
    Glad you could talk that young woman out of her climb.

  3. Busy times indeed.

  4. You were busy it often is a feast or a famine.

  5. Youth, so impetuous! It's good the young woman talked herself out of the climb.

  6. Andrew; I did the caring in their homes, I'm trusted enough to have a key when necessary.

    Elephant's Child; the budgie and the cats stayed in their own homes. I went in twice a day to speak to them and refresh the food and water dishes.

    Delores; I could stand to be a little less busy.

    Merle; it seemed to be the week for everything going wrong.

    Joanne; me too, I certainly didn't want to see her fall and break a leg; they've only been married a couple of months.

  7. I can understand you feeling weary after that kind of week, River!

    My cat and chicken-sitting chores ended on Saturday. My landlords arrived back from the UK where they'd been for the past five weeks, so I was once again caretaker/gamekeeper/general feeder! I went up to their house every day, sometimes twice a day to tend to the "farmyard".

    I'm glad they're back from the UK!


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