Monday Musings # 11

Let's begin with a few newspaper quotes:

"Birthdays are good for you, the more you have, the longer you live."
"A politician is a person who will double-cross that bridge when they get to it."
"got a free hour? don't fill it - just be in it." (my favourite)
T-shirt message: "the fact there's a Highway to Hell and only a Stairway to Heaven says a lot about anticipated traffic numbers."
Here's something to muse upon: In the opening scenes of The Blacklist (my favourite TV show), Raymond Reddington says to Elizabeth Keen, " you got rid of your highlights, you look a lot less Baltimore."

What exactly is this "Baltimore" look?
Do all girls/women in Baltimore have highlights in their hair?
Only those of a certain age? Those with a particular hairstyle?
What about other cities? or states? Is there a "look" the defines you? 
Can you travel to another part of the country and have people know instantly where you are from by your hairstyle or hair colouring?
I've been watching my DVD movie collection to decide which ones I'm happy to keep and watch again and which ones I can live without. Some of them I had on VHS tapes and transferred them to DVD when I got a player that used both media styles. It's easy, and I got 99% of them transferred before the player broke down from overuse. The VHS part, the DVD part was fine. Buying blank DVD discs was much cheaper than buying the movies on DVD. Anyway, some of the transferred movies, have static lines and iffy sound, because the VHS tapes were so old and worn, so I'm making a list of those and I'll eventually replace them with DVD copies if I can find them. Some are really old and may not be available. 


  1. I like that 'highway to Hell and staircase to Heaven'.

  2. "The Blacklist" is my favorite, too!! Why did Reddington select Keen? I still don't know!!

  3. I said to my partner when we were in Sydney once, they dress differently here compared to home, and he agreed but we couldn't quite say how. Well, they don't wear nearly as much black as Melburnians and are probably a bit more casual.

  4. I have always enjoyed the Highway/stairway quote.
    I am not dressy enough to pin-point city (or even country) styles but I believe for those in the know they are evident.

  5. Sometimes i can tell where people come from within Australia.
    Oh my, i did recording of my VHS things and have'nt watched them since. That must tell me something!

  6. I'd recorded "The was one of the shows I caught up on yesterday afternoon. I love the show, too.

    Fishducky...Red knew Lizzie's mother (and obviously loved her)...the whole story has not yet been revealed in complete detail...but the truth and reason will eventually unfold as the series progresses to its finale...whenever that will be.

    Last week I bought/ordered the DVD - "Listen to Me Marlon" won't be released here in Aus until 12th November or shortly thereafter.

    Before his death Brando narrated/recorded 200 hours about his life and thoughts. A documentary has been made from his recordings. I heard about it on TV the other morning and immediately went in search for it. I've always been a huge fan of Brando ever since I was a little girl when I first saw him in "On the Waterfront" way back in 1955. The documentary is receiving wonderful reviews.

  7. I loved The Black List but missed a few shows and I couldn't follow it after that so will have to get the whole series and watch from start to finish one day

  8. Once when I worked for Telstra, they flew an Olympian in to inspire the teams. I could tell she had flown in that morning and had washed her hair in Sydney last. Compared to the rest of us who had washed our hair in Adelaide, her hair was like that of a supermodel - shiny, bouncy, not frizzy, just perfect. Even when I went to a hairdresser in Adelaide I never got results like that. :) Even when we had a water softener at home and had just filled it with salt.

    I have to say, since moving to NSW, my hair has been stunningly gorgeous even if I say so myself. :) Everything lathers up a lot better, too.

    I'm sorry Seven is messing with The Blacklist viewers. I subscribe to TV Tonight which is constantly letting me know of changes to the schedule for that show. :(

  9. I'm sick of the channels messing around with the times of shows, they get you in with the first few episodes so they know you have to keep watching. I like 'Grimm' but it doesn't end until after midnight but I sit there because it takes so long to come out on dvd and I can't wait to see what happens. 'Supernatural' is more gory and that's on at a reasonable time.
    I did read that the tv minders have decided that 9 p.m. is now prime watching time, too bad for the early to bed types.

  10. I do a lot of recording of shows...simultaneously I can record four programmes and watch another one. When I go in to set up whatever I intend recording the programme and starting time of the show is shown, so there is no problem. I allow a extra time at the end of said programmes...just in case they are running a bit late.

  11. Delores; that's a good one!

    fishducky; I'm still convinced she's his daughter.

    Andrew; I've lived in both cities and didn't notice any difference, but that could just be because I'm not fashion conscious and don't notice or care what people are wearing.

    Elephant's Child; I'm more likely to pinpoint someone on speech patterns, although I'm losing that ability now with so many people coming in from other countries. There's little things, like swimwear, which is called bathers here in SA, cossie in NSW and togs in QLD, while in QLD a small suitcase is a "port".

    Margaret-whiteangel; I've watched everything several times and added to the collection! Not too many movies added, but plenty of TV series that I like to watch again and again.

    Lee; I still think Reddington is Lizzie's father. Of course it will be years before we find out for sure.
    I'm not able to record shows, I don't have a recorder and can't be bothered getting one. There just aren't enough programs that interest me to make the cost of one and all the necessary programming worthwhile.

    Merle; I collect whole series too and often have a weekend where I'll watch from start to finish. Usually in the winter when it's too cold and wet to set foot outside.

    Snoskred; Sydney does have lovely soft water, my hair was lovelier then too, ditto Brisbane. Adelaide water is very hard.
    Our Blacklist timeslot is steady at 9:30 Wednesday nights.

    JahTeh; I never got much into Grimm, so when it went to a later timeslot I wasn't bothered. I'm annoyed that all those "reality" shows have the 7:30 to 8:30 or 9pm timeslots. I've taken to having a later nap on days when I want to be awake for things like The Blacklist (9:30) or the new episodes of The Big Bang Theory which is listed for 8:40 but often starts later because The Block runs overtime. Any other night, I'll choose a DVD and set it going by 7:30. sometimes I'll skip TV altogether and read a book in bed.

  12. I really like the "stairway/highway" line.

    I hate it when old videos/CDs begin to break up, and they contain favourite old movies that are almost impossible to get these days.

    I dislike reality shows, and much of TV. But, I do have some favourites which I never fail to watch.

    Maybe the Baltimore look refers to certain highlights/lowlights in one's hair, or a style. I don't know.
    Perhaps someone from Baltimore could "enlighten" us all.

  13. Vicki; 'calling all Baltimore bloggers....'


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